Is Mobile Web Conferencing the Big Trend for 2011?

As Android continues to eat into the iPhone audience, and RIM trying to decide whether they want the BlackBerry to be solely for enterprise or be more consumer-focused, the winners are us, the customers.

From apps to designs of the handsets themselves, not to mention costs coming down from increased competition, it method nothing but good news for the user.

however as much as the consumer market will assistance from the upcoming smartphone battles in 2011, business users will also assistance, as we see more enterprise apps coming to the iPhone and Android app stores.

The sets that BlackBerry users have enjoyed up until now will be more extensive, especially since the iPhone and the majority of Android handsets use bigger screens. Applications like Office, Video Calls and more will be much clearer on a bigger screen, and that will see iPhone and Android continue to take users away from the BlackBerry market.

Perhaps one of the areas that will really come to fruition in 2011 will be mobile web conferencing.

Everyone already knows the benefits of conferencing. From simple audio conferencing (albeit simplicity meaning the ability to connect multiple people) to video conferencing for that confront-to-confront feeling, conferencing helps businesses connect no matter where they are.

Thanks to smartphones becoming more stable when it comes to web connectivity, the kind of connection that businesses need is now in the palm of your salesman’s hand, or your procurement manager’s hand.

If you have a team of sales guys in the field, they won’t need to be tied to their laptops anymore for a conference call. Nor will they have to wait to check in to a hotel and use their Internet service.

Instead, they can use their high-speed connection via WiFi or 4G, and be connected in seconds to whoever they need to speak to at the other end.

This flexibility method your business is truly global, no matter how big or small you might be. And that can never be a bad thing, right?

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