Lebanese court dismisses latest complaint against Beirut blast estimate

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A Lebanese court on Thursday dismissed the latest legal complaint brought against the rule investigator of the Beirut port blast probe, allowing him to begin again work, a judicial source and court documents showed.

The probe into last year’s extreme Beirut port blast that left over 200 dead was suspended this week on the back of a complaint brought forward by two top politicians rule estimate Tarek Bitar was seeking to question.

Bitar was expected to summon the lawmakers before parliament goes back into session on October 19, after which they will assistance from political immunity, he said.

The August 4, 2020 monster blast of hundreds of tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser at a port warehouse caused one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history.

The shockwave was felt as far away as Cyprus, complete swathes of Beirut were devastated, at the minimum 215 people were killed and thousands wounded, some of them several kilometres from the blast site.

Lebanese authorities have repeatedly rejected an international investigation while also restricting a local probe that has in addition to clarify a single culprit.

For families of the victims, the smear campaign against Bitar indicates that his investigation is going in the right direction. 


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