Love, Sex and Numerology: Numbers 1 by 9 Part I

Pythagoras, ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, taught that numbers have mystical qualities.

“All is number.”

Considering the symbolism of numbers is all around you, it’s no surprise numerology is one of the most popular forms of divination.

You’ve probably seen day of birth numerology, and if you’re skeptical, we understand. Our findings show us that instead of cherry-picking single factors such as the day of birth, pattern recognition involving multiple factors is the most reliable way to interpret personal fate, personality, and compatibility.

nevertheless, if you possess above-average psychic ability, it’s perfectly permissible to use already just the month and day (or just the day) of birth as touchstones to glean insight about an individual. Just realize there’s a lot more to it, and it’s best to confirm any notions with a more comprehensive approach.

The complete date of birth is like the insignificant entry way and foyer of a enormous castle spanning several square miles, the rest of the castle being the patterns that grow out of the complete birth data (complete date of birth, exact time, location, and complete legal birth name). We regularly update and expand our systems of examination involving comprehensive astrology and numerology; it’s a continued and endless course of action with the ultimate goal being greater accuracyn in prediction, and personality and compatibility analyses.

As a novice, you can start employing basic numerology closest. The root numbers 1 by 9 are the basis of all numbers, and the time of action of fadic addition (e.g., 656 = 6+5+6 = 17= 1+7= 8) yields root numbers.

Starting with the complete date of birth and using the date 2-17-1984, you’ll notice the complete Date Total is 5 (2+17+1984= 2003= 2+0+0+3= 5). This factor is referred to as the “Life Path” in modern numerology. It’s comparable to the Sun sign in astrology, and it’s a good place to start. Next, you could look at two of the basic early life energies, which are 2 (the month) and the sum of the month and day, 1 (2+17= 19= 1+9=10= 1+0=1).

Each number includes a balanced, under-balanced, and over-balanced form. Generally, the subject experiences the early life cycles (such as the 2 listed in the above use) more often as over or under-balanced instead of balanced. It’s not easy in youth to fully capitalize on opportunities and cope with challenges.

Keep in mind that everyone’s overall numerology patterns include a mix of more than one ruling number that represents rare personal character and timing. However, a single number heavily recurring throughout the patterns can symbolize the subject frequently seeming a lot like that specific number.

observe: the energy of single factors like the month of birth is supported or mitigated by the energy of the overall patterns, but you can nevertheless get an idea by considering single factors, particularly if you are extremely intuitive.

Below, we list the under-balanced and over-balanced forms of each root number as they relate to love life.

The subject is too passive (under-balanced), or too aggressive (over-balanced) when it comes to love and sex, and opportunities tend to be meager. Solitude is shared, as are fleeting romances. However, lasting romantic connections can occur with opportune collective personal timing.

He or she is too unresponsive (under-balanced) or too sensitive (over-balanced). Love life opportunities tend to appear more frequently than average, and the subject may be involved in more than one at the same time. 2 tends to be associated with fewer than average negative love life scenarios, but duality leading to strife and contention can occur.

Guilt, shame, and regret are hallmark negative traits of the 3. So many love life opportunities in youth may find him or her taking on too much, yielding hurt feelings and broken hearts. Another negative 3 love life related energy is an impossible to fill longing for love, or longing for a lost love. The subject needs to keep in mind that nostalgia is largely an illusion, and that he or she needs to strive instead to make the most of his or her situation now instead of regularly looking in the rear-view mirror.

Low energy, and without of creativity and passion top the list of negative love life related traits associated with 4. Extreme over-balanced 4 energies include a stiff attitude toward intimacy, being too physical (like a machine) and crude, and not being heart-centered. Although opportunities tend to be limited, those that appear tend to persevere.

Opportunities abound for those who possess strong 5, but he or she goes by lovers too quickly. The grass is always greener in other places for him or her, and he or she never stays long before jumping to the next option. Or, as an under-balanced energy, dependence and refusing to leave a relationship after it’s over can be a habit. The subject learns about variety, over-indulgence, and possibly recklessness.

The downside of the six involving relationships includes being non-committal, sluggish, and apathetic (under-balanced), and possessive, rigidly stubborn, and excessively idealistic (over-balanced). Opportunities are likely to be abundant, however an uncompromising and already unforgiving attitude is likely to interfere. Romantic fantasies crash hard upon the rocks of reality.

Other than unconditional and spiritual love, 7 is one of the numbers least associated with a happy love and romantic life. Intellectual, technical and, or spiritual pursuits interfere with love life matters. Actively seeking love under the 7 tends to provide disappointment. The subject is of an uncommon wavelength, as if they are mentally on a different planet. However, if both are under and, or of the 7, then it can be a nice match.

Rebelliousness, without of compassion, desire for control, and aggression are par for the course in regards to over-balanced 8 energy and love life. He or she may bully lovers, or at the minimum be confrontational or maniuplative. Under-balanced energies find the subject being passive, insecure, and cunning. Love life opportunities aren’t abundant under the 8. Meeting a match at work is fairly shared, however so is an expensive breakup.

Past life love coming back into the subject’s life is shared under early life 9 energy, however it ends sooner than expected. It occurs usually to finish the chapter started in a past life. The downside of 9 can be too much of a good thing, difficult break-ups, resentment, and emotional volatility. 9 can include the best life has to offer, but it frequently includes steep challenges too, in regards to love life.

already though comprehensive astrology and numerology are disciplines that need as much time to learn as any foreign language, introductory, basic number mysticism can give you a exceptional glimpse into human personality and compatibility.

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