Lovers Dance

Lovers Dance

Here I sit in silent surprise searching beyond the veil of consciousness pushed by Divine discontent. Yes, only in the peace of stillness can the source of all knowledge, love and wisdom be found in the collective unconscious or universal mind. The sweetest music in the universe is when lovers dance to the tune of the one vibration. However so many in this period of history, fail to learn how to dance correctly in order to create the most beautiful inspirational harmony. This leads us to the realization, that the main purpose of relationship is spiritual growth. Correct relationship with another is only possible when first you have attained this within yourself.

The world reflects back to you, your own energy state. consequently in the beginning of your conscious journey in life you need to become aware of your own rare energy state or frequency. The easiest way to work this out is to look at what is reflected back from a partner with whom you can exchange energy with love and caring. Unfortunately it is not possible to learn very much from someone for whom you care very little about.

So now this leads us into a good story because I like you enjoy a good story. The greatest joy in this world is a person who feels that he has been truly, completely and totally divinely blessed. However Daniel did not feel this way as he sat on the beach early one fine morning watching the sun rise. The sun rose from out of the East pushing back the darkness. This is the beginning of another day completing another cycle of rebirth.

Daniel sat there watching the sun’s rays first stream out from the horizon over the ocean; followed by the illumination of the tops of the clouds and then the tops of the trees on the headland. It is at first a subtle glow before being transformed into a golden ball of light. How the evolution of the soul so closely mirrors this simple awakening each morning.

At first the soul is so clouded down by the outflowing controls of the ego that only a faint light can be seen. However in the fullness of time as the ego is so worn down by pain and experiencing experience it ultimately gives up or surrenders to the higher strength within. So now we can see only the golden glow of the beautiful uplifting all inspiring soul light a burning fire.

Yes, in stillness Daniel sat there quietly pondering on the cyclic character of life. Contemplating upon another failed relationship wondering what he had learned out of it all? This man is a little bitter may we say because he is now the veteran survivor of a associate of failed relationships. He is a little scarred and battle weary from his experiences. However in failure you have the seeds of success. So as he was always the eternal optimist; his interest was soon ignited when one fine day he sees a pretty young thing oops I average young woman move across his field of vision. allurement is the soul’s joke on the personality.

The woman of his allurement was Rose an aspiring high priestess we may say. Although she understands the theory of the ancient wisdom she has however the skill to live this correctly in practice. already though she is a few years younger in physical age, her spiritual maturity was a finer lighter frequency by comparison. As their eyes met they both felt the shudder of moment magnetic allurement as their auras complimented each other lifting their composite energy already higher.

The higher frequency person is the teacher or guide while the lower frequency person is the student. We are all guides or students depending on who we are talking to on the path of life. Because Rose could see a little further than her partner she could see the limitations. However she chooses to commit herself as an act of service. In addition due to a very thorough inner insecurity, she felt drawn back into relationship to fulfill the soul pushed urge to find completion. Every person who understands and lives personal responsibility correctly is also a priest. This is why we say that she is an aspiring high priestess because she is working towards this goal.

From that very first moment they pursued a path of courtship finding that place where all lovers ultimately go, the consummation of their love by becoming lovers. The big commitment was then made to love each other forever and always. This associate had a lot going for them in many respects. In particular they had an understanding of energy conservation. In addition the ability to raise energy from the lower to the higher chakra’s or energy center’s in the body, which is commonly called the tantric system.

To cringe in fear or fly in the freedom of love is the basic choice in life, which is also revealed in how you are as a lover. When you bring psychic barriers with you into your loving relationship then you are signing up for another prison sentence. Only people choosing to live free of barriers will be in true freedom together creating the clearest sweetest musical harmonies.

As you know the best approach to another is freedom from ego. This is equally true when we approach our love partner. This allows for the free exchange of energy with the least resistance leading to the best and highest quality experience. This is after all our motivation to be drawn into such an experience. It takes ideally three days to exchange energy on the subtle levels before already touching one another on the physical level.

Allow yourself to go into a light trance beforehand. With totally focused attention you work by the various cycles. The first phase is to play and build energy, which is followed by a rest period or plateau thereby avoiding climax or finality. The focus of the spiritual warrior is always on course of action because correct course of action always brings unavoidable results. These cycles of arousal with rest and consolidation allows you to progressively build stronger and stronger energy in the body.

This increased energy in your body puts greater pressure on your resistance points particularly as expressed by your chakras. By coming to your attention in this way it becomes easier for you to confront and transform these weaknesses. ultimately with the continued building of the plateau’s to higher and higher levels you come to that point of exquisite beauty and joy as you experience the valley orgasm. This happens as the net consequence of that delicate play of finely tuned energies leading into total surrender and bliss. You may feel the golden nectar coming down the back of your throat from the brain. In this moment you are as one with your partner in a real way because you are both vibrating at the same frequency.

On a psychic level all is revealed and is easily seen in yourself and your partner. Again in this simple act of making love is the acting out of the surrender of the ego to divine spiritual will. Energy dynamics with the resultant sensations within are the net consequence of the interplay or balance of all the energies involved. The art of being a good lover is the same as in any undertaking, which is the creative manipulation of energy. Making love with another is the same as making love within yourself only you are sharing your energy with another.

Spirituality is only sexuality raised to a higher level, which explains why sex maybe so easily utilized as a tool to raise frequency assisting your spiritual growth. Like any tool if used incorrectly can rule to damaging results. This explains why a associate’s love life often similar’s their every day life. It is wise to know that excessive climax leads to many unhealthy effects on your health including being more inclined to depression with criminal tendencies. Naturally degenerative diseases with hair loss are other important symptoms of this particular pattern.

As time went by Daniel was finding his ego progressively more difficult to manage. This was because he liked to nurture his personality pride by playing the strength struggle game. He was good at it and usually managed to get the upper hand. Intuitively he felt his wife’s more gentle character with far greater insight. However he was unable to control his own insecurity combined with the feelings of low self esteem so he resisted her teachings in many ways. To busy with his own thoughts, which he regarded as more important. He did not listen. We all ultimately learn that he who does not listen must feel! So too in time Daniel was to learn this very lesson.

His wife Rose tried in many ways both subtle and not so subtle to educate her husband but all in vain. The reason being that Daniel would rather control another than confront his own limitations in the first place. The focus of control was being directed outwards instead of correctly inwards. As a natural consequence he projected his limitations on to another, which was mainly his wife. Then as a natural consequence he psychologically attacked her into the bargain to complete the illusion. He was lord and master of his universe. However the controls were working less and less well. Rose proceeded to withdraw progressively, at first mentally and then emotionally. ultimately she was to withdraw altogether when she left a observe on the kitchen table explaining that she had left for good.

Daniel did not see it coming because he was too consumed in his own reality to notice what was happening with his relationship. His world collapsed as his emotional security blanket was so abruptly removed. The crisis is the time of the big test. Which way will he go? It is a simple choice of down or up? Daniel’s saving grace was his spiritual education, which for so long was left sitting on the shelf gathering dust. This knowledge he now put to good use by letting go and surrendering to the higher strength within himself. In that moment he saw the totality of his life up to that point as living denial of personal responsibility. In that same moment Daniel died as we once knew him. From that point into the future he could see that he would always now live true. Perhaps he was not always making the wisest choices but always accepting total responsibility for the consequences of his choices.

Out of this experience he saw with intuitive insight his own weaknesses and very appropriately he felt totally ashamed. The trauma of pain and experiencing experience with his relationship breakup forcibly moved him by his next spiritual growth step.

Only after the dust had settled, now moving to experience the peace within, which he had not known before, could he in all honesty say that it was all worth it. Rose having passed by her own lauching some time before meeting Daniel understood all that was before him. Her great learning was to realize that no one can walk the path of another. By staying as she was tolerating her husband’s inattention with lower personality character she was only contributing to his limitations and not helping in any way.

Rose experienced another insight or intuitive flash by realizing that the basis for her allowing abuse from her husband was her own without of assurance or self esteem. In times of stress the ego releases its grip for a moment thereby allowing an arrival of soul light, which provides an intuitive holistic insight or psychic insight. Some people will experience these psychic flashes a number of times before the penny finally drops and they really get it!!!!

The relationship trauma helped her to recognize and value herself in a very real way. She came to recognize that anyone with meaningful limitations combined with the attitude of “Do not want to look at anything, do not want to change anything” is best served by letting them go to interact with people with a similar spiritual position to their own. This is spiritual love because this allows the person in question the best chance to grow spiritually.

To regularly turn the other cheek so to speak by allowing another to continually treat you with lower personality abuses serves absolutely no useful purpose at all. In this situation direct action or assertive behaviour needs to be taken, which is for the other person’s assistance and not because you feel irritated in any way. If you feel irritated out of this experience then this only method a message with more learning for you.

In the learning situation with a request for assistance then every allowance is made in being exposed to limitations because the proceedings are guided by purpose. In passing we will mention that is unwise to give energy which includes healing energy to another unless it is requested.

Unasked for advice is interference. Love may be given freely whether it is accepted or not because it incurs no karmic debt. In passing we will mention that love can only be rejected on a personality level because it is never rejected on a soul level. We all need to be very careful, which energies we choose to direct at others because in any case is rejected will be returned to us. The energy affects us going by our being and again in the event when it is returned. This is why love is the safest thing that we can give anyone. From my own personal experience I have found that rejected love when returned feels enriched some how?

Following the breakup Rose could see the improvements in Daniel’s behaviour but she knew that it would take time for Daniel to consolidate the spiritual growth steps he had taken. She has now come to realize completion or self realization. As a natural consequence she no longer felt the need to be drawn back into relationship with anyone for any reason. Being now only a lover of humanity she walks the path of service.

Daniel came to accept his former wife’s decision, learning gratitude for what is given. Her continued friendship, love and sustain although they continued to live separate lives. Now that Daniel lived a single person life he had plenty of time for reflection and contemplation. During one of these quiet moments he meditated on the basic character of humanity. All the spiritual theory that he had studied during his life, had done him little good in isolation. However this theory in the light of personal experience changes everything!

One experience is worth a thousand theories. He pondered on the sweet and sour index to estimate an individual’s temperament. When he looked at the pattern of his own life, he came to the realization that pain and experiencing experience had led him to become a very much softer and gentler human being.

Both Daniel and Rose came to the same point of self realization in their own time and way. They were both so busy giving service that they had no time for any more personality problems. However they did both manage to take a time out from their heavy work schedules to practice a little dual cultivation, which is the lovers dance as it has always been intended. Because they both now had cleared personalities the currents of energy between them was very strong. When ever they were in each others company the electricity would pass between them sending off sparks with an all pervading sweet smelling perfume. Any person open to receiving healing would receive this just by being in the presence of the two initiates in the same room. The strength of their combined aura’s being so strong.

Out of these experiences it is seen that anyone wishing to progress spiritually needs to become aware of their own rare frequency or spiritual position on the path of life. How will you know if you are making any progress unless you first know your starting point? Secondly you need to be able to discriminate between the people whose advice is worth listening to and those people who are best ignored.

The sweet and sour index is an easy to use guide, which enables us to work out anyone’s frequency. Strong or big ego’s are part focus and thereby demonstrate more personality resistance. This leads to restricted or reduced energy flow, which in turn creates the energy state of lowered voltage or strength. This is why strong personalities always characterize more sour dispositions or temperament because they function more out of lower personality.

The more you react in your inter personal relationships then the lower is your spiritual position. There is firstly the without of responsibility creating the pattern of throwing low vibration energy outwards. Of course naturally when this energy is returned by the universe, this will rule to an already sourer disposition because the person concerned does not accept responsibility to confront what is being returned. So more very sour energy is thrown back again into the universe completing the never ending cycle of denial of personal responsibility.

Because you are functioning on a part foundation this goes hand in hand with the feelings of insecurity or low self esteem. A bit of bad news for those people who love their depression because this is only another aspect of sour. Put down comments are usual for this person who tries to compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy or without of self assurance. A person who demonstrates clingy or needy behaviour is a person who is searching for completion from another because it is not felt within. However it doesn’t work because only a strong foundation is the answer.

Conversely the opposite is also true of course. By comparison strong self confidence is associated with sweetness because it is based on the whole aspect the strongest foundation. Less personality resistance creates more strength as more soul light is expressed, leading to a very much gentler way of being. This reflects the more responsible pattern, which is to look within. The lower personality energies once seen correctly will be transformed. This naturally leads to a softer disposition as the higher quality personality energies are expressed.

The more you respond to your social conditions then rest assured your spiritual position is higher. Once you know the parameters and observe in this way then you are able to see everyone’s position on the extent. Now put down comment energy will be seen correctly for what it is; a compliment for higher spiritual position. The hallmark of the evolved soul is to be able to laugh in the confront of denigration because it is all so completely irrelevant. With clear perception anyone can see that bullying energy only comes from a perspective of weakness and not strength.

The most important step in anyone’s life is to open your self up to receive, which is to start the time of action of unfoldment or evolution. One step follows another so after a time you will be very well surprised to find yourself in a very different place from where you originally started. As you experience and enjoy the wider view from the higher perspective, you are permitted to feel justify able pride at gaining greater control over your own lower personality character. The more information you are given then the greater is your responsibility to apply it correctly.

The additional responsibility is to pass this information to others in need by sharing. By trying to keep up onto anything only restricts the flow, which is not wise because you will only experience congestion, which is not comfortable. You will find your greatest test as I have, which is to pass this information on with the same purity and clarity as it was received. My experience has been that it is not possible to give gratitude adequately to the people who have trained you. All you can really do is to make the best use of what has been given by giving to others in the same way. This is what I call passing the blessings on, which is gratitude in action.

Any person experiencing lots of adversity usually feels a bit sour about it all. However adversity or feeling tested is the greatest blessing in concealment. Adversity is only that aspect of your own frequency being reflected back to you, which you find a challenge. Your progress in life is largely determined by how you manage adversity. Immaturity is to throw energy outwards in the confront of adversity while maturity is to direct energy inwards to transform your own lower personality character.

Assertive behaviour in the confront of unfair and unreasonable treatment typically requires a neutral disposition, which is to stand firm. When you move beyond adversity altogether then you will find yourself to be a person who has been divinely blessed. This is how Daniel now feels about the pattern of his life, which brings only blessings.

Now Daniel finds himself sitting once again on the headland as the dawn breaks. Only this time he is in thorough meditation completing the time of action of dissolving the crystallization of ego. In meditation he has come to see as a direct experience that personality resistance leads to crystallization, which in turn is the basis for all reactivity! Only when all resistance has been dissolved by increased soul energy flow does it then become possible to live a life of peace with surrender and deeply loving compassion. Life was never meant to be a struggle. Do not worry be happy instead and of course have some fun.

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