Medical Freedom Doctor Mercola Responds To Youtube Ban: The World Is ‘…

Dr. Joseph Mercola responded to his channel’s ban from Youtube Wednesday after Youtube banned vaccine criticism and anti-vaccine content (NATIONAL FILE was before banned by Youtube). Mercola, whose work can be found at, did not keep up back in castigating the globalist authoritarian elites and the pharmaceutical industry.

“The world is becoming increasingly aware of the rampant corruption in the media, and are rising up against tyrannical governments and the pharmaceutical industry that are coordinating this assault on our freedom and civil rights. Anyone who asks questions or challenges the hard sell is closest censored on social media,” Dr. Mercola stated. Mercola noted that the U.S. federal government funded the bat coronavirus project at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Dr. Anthony Fauci specifically funded it) and Mercola additional, “Independent media platforms that defend freedom of speech and the rights of Americans to speak out against the global tyranny will defeat the censorship extremists.”

Source: National File

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