Mizzou withdraws recognition position of Phi Gamma Delta

Mizzou withdraws recognition position of Phi Gamma Delta


COLUMBIA, Mo. – The University of Missouri officials found Phi Gamma Delta responsible for multiple violations of the university’s standard of conduct and will withdraw the fraternity chapter’s position as a recognized student organization.

The announcement Friday comes after a student was found unresponsive inside the Phi Gamma Delta house and was taken to a hospital for alcohol poisoning earlier this week.

The fraternity, also known as Fiji, remains under investigation by Mizzou and Phi Gamma Delt international headquarters.

Mizzou suspends all fraternity activity for a review of the Greek life system

Mizzou has since suspended all Interfraternity Council chapter activities.

Phi Gamma Delta has five business days to reject the informal disposition if the chapter chooses to do so, according to a press release from the university.

Until the final decision, the fraternity will keep on permanent suspension.

“Safety of the Mizzou community is our number one priority, and anytime that safety is compromised, we must take action,” said Bill Stackman, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, in the press release.

“We expect all of our students to uphold the university values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence. Moving forward, we appreciate our partnership with Interfraternity Council chapters and our complete campus community to ensure that all Mizzou students can thrive in a safe ecosystem.”

The press release also states that the university will estimate fraternity and campus culture to create new strategies for alcohol safety, hazing awareness, and healthy relationships, “as these issues are not secluded to our Greek community.”

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