Mosquito Myths

Mosquito Myths

When the weather is pleasant, mosquitoes come out in hordes, and families do their best to keep these flying pests away from their homes. In a bid to effectively keep away these bothersome insects, many people try out all sorts of home remedies which may or may not be effective.

Below is a list of shared myths regarding mosquitoes.

Myth #1: Lemon Joy and Listerine can kill mosquitoes. The concept is that pools of mouthwash and lemon dish soap water can kill mosquitoes. While it may be able to deter breeding, dish soap and mouthwash cannot keep suspended in the air like insecticides can. For this cure to truly work, a mosquito would have to land in a puddle and become coated in either solution.

Myth #2: Electronic repellent can kill mosquitoes. Don’t waste your money on these gadgets; researchers have found that these devices have no effect whatsoever on mosquitoes.

Myth #3: Dryer sheets and banana peels ward off mosquitoes. Don’t bother junking up your home and yard by leaving dryer sheets or banana peels around; they don’t work. Mosquitoes won’t get caught in a dryer sheet, nor will they trip and fall over banana peels.

Myth #4: Mosquitoes are repelled by electronic devices that release high frequency sounds. Researchers have found that high frequency sounds have no effect on mosquitoes. These devices are just a waste of money.

Myth #5: Mosquitoes die after feeding. Unfortunately, this is not true. Female mosquitoes will die if they don’t get their first blood meal; otherwise, they live to feast another day.

Myth #6: Mosquitoes are repelled by the scent of garlic. While garlic may be reputed to keep away vampires, mosquitoes will find you no matter how many cloves of garlic you hang from your doors and windows.

Myth #7: Citrosa plants ward off mosquitoes. Citrosa plants are hybrid plants that combine citronella oil with geraniums. While citronella oil can be used as a natural repellent, it is not as effective as insecticide and can only provide protection if applied in very large quantities. While your citrosa plant may be pretty, it’s only going to serve as a landing pad for mosquitoes when they come visiting.

Mosquitoes should not be taken lightly; these pesky insects can carry dangerous diseases such as malaria and the West Nile virus. To effectively control the mosquito population in your yard, it is advisable to speak with a mosquito control specialist who can regularly spray your home and yard or install a control system that truly works to kill mosquitoes and interrupt their breeding cycle. Installing a mosquito system is not only more effective than home remedies, it is also affordable and easy to continue. Speak with a mosquito control specialist today to clear up the myths and facts about mosquito control.

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