My Experience With Bravenet Website Hosting

My Experience With Bravenet Website Hosting

During my travels across the magical vicinity that we call the internet, I have come seen so many website hosting companies. From some of the biggest and well-known companies, to some of the smallest on the net. One day I was reading by a forum, where I was recommended to try out this company; ‘Bravenet’. With all the positive reviews that this company was getting, I thought that I might give it a try. Their site looked slightly specialized and their prices were reasonable.

So, I investigated further; I decided to buy a domain name by this company and have my new website hosted via their free hosting service. Big mistake. After purchasing the domain name, for a reasonable price, I then uploaded my website. Everything was running fine for a day or two, then out of nowhere, my website was complete of ads. It seems that it likes to destroy sites by spamming them with ads. Though, this is ok, because they are sponsoring my website hosting with ads, fair enough I thought.

Then, without warning there was a pop-up ad, followed by another and another. These pop-up ads were selling pharmacy pills and anything else you could image. I was horrified; my little site has turned in to an abomination. These ads also retarded the coding of my site, so it never functioned correctly after that.

Now, you’re probably saying that ads on a free website are ok. Well, they most certainly are, however pop-up ads are going a bit too far. Considering that other free website hosting companies such as 50webs (highly recommended) do know use forced ads on their websites. Meaning your precious little site will keep unviolated.

That being said, if you’re looking for free website hosting I highly recommend that you avoid Bravenet and use another company. 50webs and similar companies are the perfect substitute. As for my website, I’ve since taken it down and changed the hosting over to 50webs. Unfortunately I had to register another domain name, since it would not let me move my original one. This experience has taught me never to use Bravenet again.

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