Navratri fact: Ethnic Bandhej Designer Sarees for Garba and Dandiya

The custom of dancing Garba and Dandiya often forms the main highlight of Navratri celebrations, especially in the Western part of India. Originally a traditional Navratri ritual in Gujarat, Garba and Dandiya dances are not just limited to Gujarat anymore but are found to be a part of Navratri celebrations already oversea. except its inherent grace, what makes Garba and Dandiya already more attractive are the vibrant and colorful Indian Outfits that men and women decorate.

Being a native dance form of Gujarat, ethnic Gujarati outfits are highly preferred for Garba and Dandiya dance roles already today. When speaking of ethnic Gujarati outfits, Bandhej Dresses top the list. Bandhej originated in Gujarat and shot to fame worldwide thanks to its vibrancy. Undoubtedly, theres no better time to flaunt Bandhej dresses than Navratri. Designer Bandhej Sarees draped in Gujarati style look fabulous however traditional. Earlier, Bandhani Sarees meant simple Sarees featuring colorful patterns with tie and dye Bandhani technique.

However, the latest varieties of dazzling Bandhej Designer Sarees are extremely gorgeous as they characterize attractive embroidered borders along with a generous amount of embellishments. Latest Bandhani Sarees come in a variety of fiber such as Bandhani Cotton Sarees, Georgette Bandhej Sarees, Chiffon Bandhani Sarees, etc which offers variety to choose the right fabric and design based on preference and body kind. Besides regular Bandhani Sarees, the latest varieties of Bandhej Lehenga Sarees are extremely alluring in addition. Since Lehenga Sarees impart the look of a Lehenga too, these are, in fact, better suited for Navratri.

Bandhani Lehenga Sarees in vibrant colors and traditionally styled are a better pick than stylish Lehenga Sarees for Navratri. To complete the ethnic look, its advisable to accessorize the Bandhani Lehenga Saree or the Bandhej Saree with embroidered ethnic Batua Bags, mojris and gorgeous Kundan Jewelry. Vibrant Bandhani Sarees are popular during Navratri for a reason – they make a woman look truly traditional and gorgeous!

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