New Asbestos Survey Guide Introduced

The new asbestos survey guide issued by the HSE and titled: Asbestos – The Survey Guide. And is published under Health and Safety Guidance observe HSG264.

The new document is directed at surveyors and persons responsible for the detection and management of asbestos containing materials in the non domestic and domestic similarities.

It serves to clearly lay down what the legal requirements and locaiongs are for the responsible persons, including, duty holders, building and estate managers and surveyors, and measures required in selecting an appropriate competent contractor. additionally the new document gives some clear guidance on what is required as part of any asbestos survey. However, perhaps the most talked about change is that HSG264 no longer recognises kind 1, kind 2, and kind 3 surveys and instead introduces the Management asbestos Survey, which is a legal requirement for all non domestic similarities built prior to the year 2000, and the Refurbishment/Pre Demolition survey, which is a legal requirement prior to all works which could upset the fabric of a building built prior to 2000. This includes works in domestic similarities and works may be deemed as quite minor, such as a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment.

Asbestos Consultancy throughout the UK has become a thriving industry to say the least. Able to provide peace of mind by mutually advantageous partnership agreements, Health and Safety consultants are now a important, valuable partner to many UK manufacturers. Many consultants are obtainable to find by the major UK health and safety directory sets and at the very least are able to offer sound advice from the offset.

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