Nigerian Affiliate Marketing Program

I am writing this article because of my recent search of a Nigerian affiliate marketing opportunity. I had a website and wanted to monetize my website traffic by offering them a highly targeted Nigerian affiliate product or service. It was a frustrating search for me!


Affiliate marketing is a system in which site A agrees to characterize banners, text ads etc, from site B, and site A gets a specific percentage of any sales generated for site B. It’s a performance based marketing system and many worlds better than spending and spending on online marketing methods like paid search or the like!


Most Nigerian websites characterize Google Adverts to monetize traffic. We say an Affiliate Marketing system is better as, for example, most times you never make near $5 for the Google Ads you characterize. Google also never tells you how it shares advert revenues with you.

An affiliate marketing program is clear in offering a percentage of the cost of every sale you refer. already better, you can run Google Ads and Affiliate Ads on the same website! That is indeed smart monetization of site traffic!

It is unimaginable that many top Nigerian themed websites do not run or offer a highly targeted Nigerian affiliate program to monetize there website traffic! A look at top Nigerian websites discloses a great deal of ads from places as far off as Sri Lanka?! This is certainly a waste of possible revenue from offering highly targeted Nigerian affiliate programs.


It’s dumbfounding how many Nigerian websites/products don’t have an affiliate marketing program. In my determination to find an affiliate program, I stumbled on a hosting service related program run from Nigeria. It’s difficult enough being an ISP…but to rely or reckon a big enough market exists for a home based hosting set up?

I found a Nigerian marketing program that I thought was a hit and I was prepared to run with it! It was a Lagos real estate affiliate marketing program, alas; it was based on an offline form! Huge disappointment it was for me. Besides the two mentioned above, I did not find any other Nigerian affiliate program!

In conclusion, the rise of Nigerian websites with enormous traffic provides an opportunity for Nigerian webmasters and online enthusiasts. Google ads are an exciting way to monetize site traffic but imagine what an affiliate ad offering a highly targeted Nigerian service can do to your bottom line? Let’s do some numbers…imagine a product selling at $10 and offering you 50%? You refer 1,000 to say 10,000 sales and that easily translates into $50,000!

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