Omens of Love

Omens of Love

Veiled in mystery and romance comes February’s day of love every year in every culture around the world throughout the ages. We set aside this day to entertain the passions of our heart amid flurries of fantasies, superstitions, and omens. In the following collection of centuries old omens are some that are ever so popular today. Lucky is the young lady who is kissed under mistletoe for example. However, it is bad luck if she refused the kiss, she remains a spinster.

o If a groom sees his bride on the wedding day before they are wed, the marriage is fated in bad luck. To ensure a long and happy marriage, the bride must use something old, something borrowed and something blue. If she tears her wedding dress or burst a seam, her husband will be average.

o Ever surprise why lilacs are not as popular as roses on Valentines Day? To give lilacs to your finance is an omen that the engagement will be broken off.

o Never propose in a public place, on a bus, aim, or plane, it is considered very bad luck.

o A pearl on an engagement ring prompts sadness and unhappiness to the marriage.

o Words of love should always be mailed on Friday because it is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

o If you should receive two love letters at the same time from two different people, it is an omen that you will not marry either of them.

o The message of a ladybug is not where it lands but in the direction of where it fly’s away-it is the direction of your future love.

o Love at first sight comes on the seventh day after the complete moon.

o A burning candle in a window has long been associated with the safe return of a lover. A pink candle burned on Saint Valentine’s Day will bring true love.

You may or not believe in these old omens but they are fun to observe and appreciate having survived throughout the ages. There are countless numbers of omens, some of which you may wish to create and incorporate into the little joys of your day.

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