Pain Free Auto Insurance – Is it Really Possible?

Is it really possible to acquire cheap auto insurance in a pain-free manner? Yes, it is! In today’s hectic world, by the use of internet research you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in insurance premiums. While it is thoroughly possible to acquire cheap auto insurance from a highly-rated insurance company, the sad truth is that every year people are wasting millions of dollars each on over-priced auto insurance because they do not know how to avoid doing so.

Do you want good coverage at the cheapest price? Of course you do! And how can you do that? by the Holy Grail of comparison shopping. Without comparison shopping, it is impossible to find the cheapest auto insurance obtainable. In past years, comparison shopping would have meant hours of frustration as you labored by dozens of calls or visits with numerous agents to determine who had the best coverage at the cheapest prices. Thankfully, the magic of the internet has changed all of that. What used to take hours or days can now be achieved in minutes.

In doing your internet search for auto insurance, however, you have to be extremely careful. Many internet sites promote insurance coverage from companies that are speculate at best. It is imperative that you acquire insurance from a reputable company, one that will be there to pay the damages when you need them. You should only do business with a car insurance company that has sound finances and an excellent reputation. at all event you do, stay away from the company shills you hear on television touting cheap car insurance for a few dollars down and a few dollars a week. Instead, your goal should be to buy auto insurance from a reputable company with a sound financial reputation. How do you determine the financial soundness of a car insurance company?

You should research at lease ten or fifteen car companies. Then determine the A.M. Best rating of the company that has the lowest rates and the best reputation. If the rating is not at the minimum a B-, then strongly consider going to the next company with the next lowest quote. A.M. Best is a respected rating company that, among other things, rates the financial strength of each insurance company. The rating of the insurance company from which you buy insurance should never be below B-. Companies with ratings of C +/- are generally marginal and rankings below C are indicative of a company with financial danger signs. You should do business with these companies only after very, very by research.

Besides selecting an insurance company with a desirable A.M. rating, you should look

for companies that offer a wide range of discounts. Fortunately for the consumer, most auto insurance companies do offer a large variety of discounts, and you should take advantage of every one that is obtainable to you.

Insurance companies take into consideration things such as your past driving record, car location, age, etc. when calculating the cost of insurance. For a more detailed list of discounts and actions you can take to significantly reduce your auto insurance costs read Cut Insurance Costs You will find not only numerous discounts that are obtainable, but also many other ideas that can help you receive large reductions in your car insurance costs.

Remember, do not make the costly mistake so many people make by simply renewing your existing policy with your present agent. Automatically renewing your current car insurance without comparison shopping of at the minimum ten to fifteen financially-sound car insurance companies is one of the most costly mistakes you can make.

Remember, the Holy Grail of finding cheap car insurance is comparison shop, comparison shop, comparison shop. As a popular radio ad recently stated, “Retail is for suckers.”

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