Patong Beach – Popular Island Destination For Southeast Asian Travelers

Patong Beach – Popular Island Destination For Southeast Asian Travelers

Patong has nearly everything imaginable for a tourist. From the hedonist to the naturalist, and the hi-so, to the budget traveler, the diversification obtainable here can fit any lifestyle. For the active traveler, a myriad of social and athletic activities are obtainable including wake boarding, jet skiing, kite boarding, and parasailing. The low-meaningful tourist can indulge in relaxation on the beachhead with a cool breeze, and waiter to beach chair service. To get a little exercise, there is volleyball, Frisbee, and football in many places along the beach. After sunbathing, shopping, and sightseeing, travelers can take a pleasure cruise along the river in the evening or already rent your own private island. More adventurous travelers can go bungee jumping, trekking by the jungles and forests on elephants, rock climbing, shooting guns, or take a boating trip to Kho Phi Phi and Phang Nga. Jeeps, cars, and mopeds are also obtainable to rent and analyze the many outlying areas of Phuket Island. character lovers can visit the Phuket Butterfly Farm and Insectarium. There is also a local zoo and a snake farm. Slightly more uncommon excursions include the Phuket Monkey School, Orchid Farm, The Gibbon Rehabilitation Center, and The Sea Shell Museum.

Of course, many people visit Patong for its infamous nightlife. Discos, Irish pubs, cabaret shows, and an endless choice of bars can keep a vivacious traveler up all night. Shopper’s can fulfill all their needs at the numerous markets, malls, and souvenir shops providing numerous accessories and rare gifts. Ubiquitous Thai massage parlors are also obtainable after a long walk around town. For expatriate and tourist eating choices, there are nearly every kind of Western European and American cuisines obtainable There are many events to see and participate in, in order to experience Thai culture. Among them are, Muay Thai Boxing, Thai cooking classes, and Thai language courses.

Fishing, swimming and diving are also very popular around Patong area, and there are many affordable tours obtainable. There are so many things to do and see in Patong Beach that it can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on how much time travelers plan to use in Patong Beach, it is important to do a little research beforehand. There are many quieter areas closest outside of Phuket, for those looking to unwind in a more tranquil ecosystem. Also, The Tsunami Memorial Park is located just north of Patong Beach in Kamala, commemorating those who perished in one of the worst natural disasters in recent history.

Patong Beach is an exciting and resilient place which reflects the character of the Thai people. There are a lot of accommodations obtainable, as Phuket has developed a variety of luxury resorts. Christmas is the high season, so it is important to book a hotel in improvement at this time. The swaying palm trees and fun-loving people, create an opportunity to experience a vibrant culture. Living the beach lifestyle at an affordable cost is a dream anyone can live out here.Visiting Patong Beach will leave lasting memories for anyone who comes to this beautiful beach.

Patong Beach: An Oasis for Many Lifestyles

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