Patriotism Since Mangal Pandey

The golden bird-it was the name given to India. thriving with happiness and wealth India was the pearl on this earth. It was like a newly wedded bride all decked up with gold, beauty and over whelmed with life. But then, come the whites with black hearts gazing with an eagle eye to this pure incensed bride. They were the British.

They shrewdly captured the trade, army and other fields of India. Their army was known as British East India Company and was the complete commanding strength. Their orders were followed by the Indian soldiers.

The dramatical change of moral, religious beliefs and finally the patriotism was initialized here. One day, the Indian soldiers stood against the British, as a rumor spread that East India Company had deliberately used cartridges made of cow and pig fat which had to be used in Enfield P-53 rifles. It was totally against the religious belief of both Hindus and Muslims. Everybody was hurt. The one who stared this mutiny was Mangal Pandey. He was a devout Hindu and practiced his religion very strictly. He was the soldier in the 34th regiment of East India Company. With the onset of this rumor, Mangal Pandey attacked a senior British officer. For that he was later captured and hung till death on 8th April 1857. His name got etched in the golden pages of Indian history and remembered today as First war of Independence 1857. He lighted up the spark of patriotism in many Indian hearts that rule to the war of independence against British.

Mangal Pandey was born on 19th July 1827 in the Nagwa village in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. At the age of 22 in 1849 he joined East India Company in the 34th regiment of Bengal native infantry.

The spark which was lighted up by him engrossed the whole India into the fire of patriotic dramatical change……

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