Penis Exercises (Jelqing) – Warnings on What NOT to Do for the Jelqing…

When it come to getting bigger penis size, jelqing or penis exercises, are usually considered the most legit and successful approaches to consider. Here’s the jelqing exercise in a nutshell:

Basically jelqing is performed by using your hands, and massaging your penis by individual slow strokes and alternating hands. Starting at the base you wrap your thumb and forefinger around the penis and gently massage upward just before the head, all in one controlled stroke. Then you repeat with the other hand.

Sounds pretty straightforward right? Well, while it really is not that complicated there are many things that guys do wrong while performing penis exercises. In turn, they see very little in the way of results. Here are some of the most shared things you shouldn’t do in regards to performing the jelqing exercise.

Don’t avoid the “warm up”. This is a shared shortcut guys take. They don’t properly warm up the penis before performing jelqing exercises. What you want to do is get a cloth and put warm water on it. Then wrap that cloth around the penis and leave it there for a few minutes. Repeat once or twice more until you feel your penis is properly warmed up. What this does is increases blood flow and sets your penis up for exercising. After you are done with the jelq exercise, you should repeat the warm towel wrap, allowing the penis to rest and retrieve (which encourages the growth course of action to begin).

Don’t be fully erect. In order to properly jelq, you must unprotected to a semi-erection. This method about 60% of an erection. Some guys automatically get themselves fully erect and try to jelq from this position. That’s not how the exercise works. Effective enlargement results always require a uncompletely erection, not a complete one.

Don’t dry jelq. This is a big mistake guys make. They try to “dry jelq” instead of take a few seconds and a few buck, to get and use lubrication. While there is such a thing as “dry jelqing”, this should really only be reserved for progressive users. Otherwise you should always apply lubrication before starting your jelqs.

Don’t stroke too fast. This is not masturbation, this is exercising. Many guys are so used to the former that they start stroking too fast when it comes to performing their jelqing strokes. Stroking must be slow and controlled, one hand at a time. Usually this method 2-3 seconds at the minimum for the stroke upwards.

Don’t try to “wing it” (get on a good jelqing routine). It’s the same for people who try to lose weight or try to gain muscle. If they don’t have a proper, disciplined routine they will usually fail. You can’t just do a few situps once one week, twice the other, and then take the rest of the month off. You have to have a routine that will keep you disciplined and have you exercising regularly. This routine should be straightforward and easy to follow so you won’t get bored or confused.

Don’t expect results in a week. This is a big one! Exercise takes time and that’s no exception with penis exercises. They simply will not work in just a week or two, to unprotected to the size that most guys are after. You have to stick with the routine and be patient. Usually several weeks are needed to notice size increases. And don’t automatically look for length gains. Pay attention to girth gains (thickness). Many guys experience girth first. And increased thickness can be very important, especially for improved female satisfaction in the bedroom (women often prefer thicker penis size over longer, thinner penis size).

If you are giving enlargement exercises a fair shot, then all these things need to be in place. You need to perform the exercise properly with warmups and lubrication, you have to be patient, and you need to be on a good routine so you keep disciplined and exercise regularly.

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