Pest Control – Fleas

Pest Control – Fleas

Pest control is not just for the bugs in the garden or the rats in the belfry. If you have pets you have fleas and need to know all you can to defend your castle against this tiny invader.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers there are 77.5 million dogs and around 96 million cats claiming humans as pets in America. The numbers are not really that surprising when you think about it, people love their pets. The problem occurs when your pets bring home pets.

Fleas, Order Siphonaptera, are small creatures that live off the blood of their hosts. If you have pets then you know how important it is to have an adequate  control plan in place. The little insects can come into your home and yard bringing tiny suitcases of misery with them.

Pest control for fleas is no easy task however but it must be done. Fleas carry disease, are a cause for asthma and allergies and make your poor pet miserable with scratching.

Most people seem to believe the battle of the flea must be fought on the dog or cat, that however is not the case. The battle must begin with a good control product in the yard. Skip the yard and clean the dog and as soon as Fido goes out to do his business there will be thousands of new fleas to deal with.

Once the yard had been taken care of then you will need to attack the flea where it most likes to hide. Again not on the dog, no, fleas like carpets, drapes and couches as much as you do. They see the family pet as a traveling lunch and swing up for a meal but tend to jump back off the hang out under your bed waiting until they are hungry again.  Efforts inside the house are the next step. A good pest control company can treat the house and yard for you with a minimum of fuss. A good vacuuming after the agent leaves will finish up. Do not forget to take the dust bag outside as soon as you are done though.

Hopefully during all of this control poor Fido or Fluffy has been safely locked up in the bathroom and can now be dealt with. A good flea shampoo, though not the last step will work wonders to remove any fleas left over and once your pet is dry a topical pest control solution like Frontline or Advantix that you can get from your vet will keep the fleas away.

Pest control, especially when it comes to fleas, is a battle that must be fought regularly. Treating your home and yard in addition as your pets as soon as you speculate fleas will help to keep the population from building a city the size of New York in the rug.

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