Psychic Predictions – For the Next 100 Years

Many psychics have made predictions about the future and what is in store for the world at this interesting time in history. In this article we will look at some of famous American psychic Sylvia Brownes predictions for the next one hundred years. Whether or not we believe them to be true does not hinder the fact that they are very interesting and worth reading. Psychic predictions allow us to see excitement in the future and hopefully a much more positive world.

Sylvia Brownes predictions for the next 100 years:

· Eradication of cancer as we know it, using sound groups, photo sensitive drug therapy, and self-addicting cells.

· Robotic houses, controlled by computerized switchboard.

· Electrical cars with flotation ability for water travel to bypass freeways.

· Houses made from pressed paper with plastic coatings; interchangeable walls

· Separate body parts cloned for organ transplants; not an complete body.

· New form of painless tooth extraction, using a kind of suction, with immediate substitute of new tooth.

· Diagnostic chambers which map the bodys electrical balance to predict health problems before the come.

· Cylindrical rooms in which people go into to see an automated projection of the clothing and color that would look good on them; select what you want, take your measurements, then two days later pick up the goods.

· Third floor of houses have rollback roofs to allow Hovercrafts to come and go.

· No more surgery with knives. Some kind of molecular ionization device that knows how to take out the afflicted cells then seal the wound without a single scar.

· Remolding of the whole confront structure, to duplicate any look that you wish.

· New exercise equipment that you sit or stand in, and it literally stimulates your muscles with electricity to unprotected to the same effect as physical exercise.

· Babies will be birthed in water all the time, with music, incense, and green and lavender lights.

· People will be able to simply walk out of their bodies upon death.

· There will be no US Presidency; our government will go back to a Greek Senate structure.

These are just a few of her predictions and more can be found on her website. We cant know exactly what the future has in store for us. It is interesting however to look back on past predictions to see what has come true. Many of Sylvia Brownes predictions have come true, though many have not in addition. in spite of, the future is sure to be interesting and very different from today. Psychic predictions can help us to imagine what may be to come. They allow our imagination to run wild.

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