"Psychic Vampires" – The Destructive component in Organisations

"Psychic Vampires" – The Destructive component in Organisations

Have you ever met someone at a social function and taken an moment dislike to them? Don’t you think its strange how we make judgements about people we hardly know or already worse, we dislike them from a distance before we’ve already been introduced! Ever wondered why?

One powerful reason is the energy we release. Some people just radiate negative energy. These are the “Psychic Vampires.” You know the kind. When they go into a room, it suddenly goes cold as if they’ve sucked the life and warmth from it! They carry an air of gloom and despondency about with them.

Just as the vampires of horror movies would drain the blood of their victims, the Psychic Vampires drain the positive energies of all those who come into contact with them. They are the kind of people who after talking to you for ten minutes leave you feeling considerably worse than before you met them! Do you know someone like that?

These are the people who never have a positive information to say about anyone or anything. They are always quick to criticise, condemn and complain. At meetings, they will be the first ones to point out why a new initiative won’t work. In any organisation everyone knows who the Psychic Vampires are. They are often the butt of people’s jokes, but in reality they are far from funny.

These people are extremely dangerous. They are toxins on legs. They can and do, damage your most valuable asset – your attitude. We are all aware how one rotten apple can ruin a whole barrel. If one Psychic Vampire can destroy an complete team what can should you do? Here are some strategies that may help:-

1. Avoid them! Steer clear! If they are walking towards you, cross the street! Leave the room! Just keep away. It sounds extreme, but if that’s what it takes!

2. As Jack Black from Mindstore suggested, why not imagine a huge imaginary bell jar descending over you as they speak that automatically deflects all the negative they are spouting! If you smile at the same time it doubles the effect!

3. Simply stop them. Refuse to listen to them and tell them so. Tell them to come back when they have something positive to contribute.

4. Counter them. Whenever they make a negative statement, counter it with a positive one. Imagine it as verbal fencing and keep parrying the negative, but make sure you have the final riposte!

in any case happens, these people must not be allowed to thrive in organisations by sucking the lifeblood and positive energies from everyone.

What ever business you are in, ultimately it is the business of influence.

What influence are you having on your team and your members?

Do you radiate positive energy or are you a “Psychic Vampire”?

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