Qualities a Credible HVAC Contractor Should Have

Qualities a Credible HVAC Contractor Should Have

When buying a new HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) the cost of installation is almost half the price of what you paid for the system. The good news is that when you pay almost half of what it costs in installation cost it will typically average that you are getting a reputable, experienced HVAC contractor. When hiring a contractor to install your new system being the best can include many different factors that can range from reliability to price. The more factors the contractor has the better they will be.

• Location-every credible HVAC contractor should have a long-lasting address that includes a working phone number along with their tax ID number. If they cannot give you a long-lasting address this should be a big red flag that the contractor might be untrustworthy and could possible disappear with your money.

• Being licensed, bonded, and have insurance-before hiring a HVAC contractor ask for proof that they are licensed such as looking at their license. Some homeowners do not think about asking if they have a license and then truly seeing it. A homeowner should also ask if they are bonded and have insurance. Their insurance should include general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If the HVAC contractor does not have insurance and is not licensed then the homeowner will be responsible if there are any injuries or accidents that happen while the contractor and his crew are installing your new system.

• References-if the contractor is credible they will keep contact information for clients they have done work for to use as referrals for new clients. Ask for several references and make sure that you call them and ask if they were satisfied with the service of the HVAC contractor.

• Fees that are covered-removing your old heating and cooling system yourself can be expensive with all the government fees involved so make sure that any fees associated with the disposal of your old system are outlined clearly in your proposal. You also need to make sure that they have the right permits to dispose of your old system properly.

• Size of the HVAC system-the square footage of your home plays a big role in what size HVAC system you should have. Other factors to consider are the outdoor shading, how many windows you have, insulation quality, and local climate. It is best if the sizing is done by your HVAC contractor.

• Get a clear calculate-make sure that you have a clear calculate on exactly what is being done and the costs before you sign a contract.

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