Quintox Mouse Seed


House, as one of the most valuable of human similarities, may have various threats from natural disaster and pests. However, pests sometimes can be very bothersome because the damage that they make can be as harsh as the damage of natural disaster. Rats, as one of pests, can make people very frustrated because they are not easy to be deleted. In addition, most of people are not aware of their presence however the damages that they make are apparent. consequently, it is very important for you to know the habitat, characteristic and behavior of various rats so that you can combat them effectively.

There are two species of rats which you might find in your house. The first species is the Roof Rats or the Black Rats. If you happen to hear scratching and running around in the roof, ceiling or attic then you might speculate that the Roof Rats are destroying your house. The size of this rat is quite big in that their body can reach up to 8 inches in length. In addition, their tail can reach up to 9 inches long. The color of this rat is usually black and slightly grey in some areas. Besides the roof rats, the species, which often threat people, is house mice. You should not be deceived with their small size. This rat is the number one enemy of restaurant owner in that they steal and destroy food supply.

Besides knowing their characteristics, you should also know that rats are intelligent. Rodent baits, traps or other methods may not work well if you do not know their characteristics. Bear in mind that rats are very careful animal. If they happen to found new objects around their ecosystem, they may leave them for days until they are used to that situations. consequently, in selecting rodent baits you should make sure that the bait will last for days and should be able to use in dry or wet situation. In addition, the baits should also contain flavor that the rats mostly like. This will ensure the effectiveness.

Quitox Mouse Seed is one good different to rats bait especially for house mice. The style of the seed is more attractive than the regular pellet or block style bait. Since the house mice are very mobile, this product can be used to cover that large area. You should use 1 until 2 packets to be placed every 8 to 12 from each other to cover the best coverage. This product is made with canary and millet seed which certainly very attractive for mice.

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