Reasons of Hair Shedding

Reasons of Hair Shedding

As we know, hair is extremely important for our turn up. typically, we begin to grow hair since birth and we have one million strands of hair in adulthood. And we may lose 60 to 80 strands of hair each day, especially when we comb our hair and wash the hair. However, when we lose more than 100 strands of hair each day which cause hair thinning, we may suffer from a disease called hair shedding. A lot of people begin to lose their hair in the middle age and already can not resist that with some measures.

With the development of society and the accelerated speed of life, work and study, modern people resist increasing pressure, meanwhile, the incidence of hair shedding is becoming higher and higher. A lot of factors rule to hair shedding, including seborrheic alopecia, nervous alopecia and so on. But the direct causes for hair shedding are as follows.

1.Psychic factors. Tension, depression and fear can rule to the disorder of nerve function. And the capillaries contract which rule to the without of blood supply for hair follicles. As a consequence, hair shedding would appear.

2. Dieting factors. Animal food provides conditions for the combination of excessive male hormone. And the excessive secretion of male hormone would consequence in the secretion of sebaceous glands. So fungi existed on the scalp would copy abundantly. And fungi would stimulate the scalp and hair follicles in the time of action of absorbing nutrition and discharging metabolite, which leads to chronic inflammation and decline of generation function.

3. Wrong washing. For patients experiencing from hair shedding, the accumulation of scalp sebum may create a negative pressure on the sebum secretion, which slows down the speed of its secretion. If you wash the hair frequently with the stimulation of shampoo, to a certain extent, it will cause or aggravate hair shedding.

4. Other factors. People often easily suffer from hair shedding in summer or in winter. Perhaps the dry climate may make an influence on the mental situation of people, or affect the secretion of sebaceous glands directly. As we know, people will easily get angry or depressed whether they work in the office or stay at home in dry or cold weather. And when they are in such mood, they will easily lose their hair.

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