Ride Your ATV at Gunnison National Forest in Pitkin, Colorado


There are very few ATV tracks or trails that can elicit the kind of satisfaction and sense of pleasure the way Gunnison National Forest can – not when you’re there to ride an ATV. And honestly, we get a lot of questions about where to ride out ATVs in Colorado all the time but the strange thing is that there’s space to ride ATV all over the place. I average, let’s confront it, Colorado is HUGE and there’s land to ride ATV almost everywhere. But to find a good location, we’d have to let in, can be a little tricky. ‘Land anywhere’ may not be good enough for seasons ATV riders.

The thing with Gunnison National Forest is that not only is it a good place for ATV riding, it is truly so high in history that one can use days (maybe already weeks) just learning up on how the Gunnison National Forest came about! And the scenery there is absolutely astonishing…totally breathtaking! You can literally spent days on end just looking at the way character just…stares back at you. when you’re on an ATV, you can just stop your ATV at the side and just sigh.

At the Gunnison National Forest, when you’re riding ATV, you can analyze many unchartered territories…like ghost towns, gold mines, silver mines and nevertheless enjoy a great ATV riding experience.

You can’t miss the ‘Palisades’ here because it’s a HUGE 432-foot long retaining wall that stands out. The wall was a consequence of hard work based on hand-cut stones more than one hundred years ago. Throughout the ATV ride, it’s comparatively easy to control your ATV. The only difficult part would be the Hancock pass where it is near the summit. In fact, here’s something you can do…just park your ATV and walk into the ghost town. It’s not eerie or anything like that – it’s enchanting.

If we had it our way, we could use more than weeks just exploring the side tracks and trails on our ATVs. There’s just so much to see there on our ATVs that there’s absolutely no chance of getting bored. But before that, make sure you check your ATV to ensure that it is in perfect working order. You don’t want to risk it breaking down or anything untoward like that. If your ATV needs some new parts or substitute parts, you’d better get them replaced now. Otherwise, just enjoy!

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