Rose Quartz Love Spells

White magic deals with the energy that is positive all around us. It is a magic that makes use of your subtle feelings and sweet desires. The elements and objects that are used for white magic are beautiful and sublime.

All that is beautiful are made into use when white magic aims for happiness. The help of such magic is taken when one wishes to find happiness, peace, true love and wealth. One of the sublime objects that come into play when casting love spells is rose quartz.

The ruddy object has the strength to interpret your thorough passion for a person and aims to bring together soul mates however far they are from each other physically by coming into use for white magic spells.

Rose quartz is associated with the biggest gift of human life and that is love. By wearing it as a pendant around your neck and close to your chest, it is believed that it shows surprise in your love life. These are some simple methods but except this rose quartz can be seriously used for casting of love spells by you to bring the love of your life closer.

Get keep up of a break of your lover and if that is not possible then write down his or her name on a clean white sheet of paper as the strength invested in written names is huge and quite intense. Now cut a pink sheet of paper in the shape of a heart and get keep up of a pink marker or pen inked pen, a green or pink candle or a nightlight of any of the two hues. Lastly position a rose quartz for your magic spell.

Now place the candle in your own bedroom. Write the name of the person whose love you desire strongly with that pen on the piece of paper after you light the candle. Place the rose quartz right in front of the candle and say the prayer “so be it and it and harm no one” after you have visualized the exact garden of Eden where both of you will reside happily after you are in love.

Put the heart shaped paper under your pillow and always keep the rose quartz with yourself. If possible then you can gift the quartz to your lover with a gift and if that is not possible then just keep it with you.

Here was a lovely and harmless magic spell discussed for you with the help of a rose quartz.

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