Royal Baby Is Born! All About Its Astrology Chart

Royal Baby Is Born! All About Its Astrology Chart

The interconnectedness of family astrology is fascinating. This child has the same Sun sign as his father, Cancer, and the same Moon sign as his mother, Capricorn! Astrology is very powerful and there are no accidents. He has the inverse to his mother with Cancer Sun and Moon in Capricorn, while she has Capricorn Sun with Moon in Cancer.

The sign Cancer powerfully links all three of them and is the sign of great wealth, ancestry, family business, inheritance and roots. Kate’s Moon in Cancer is conjunct the child’s Mercury, so there is going to be a very strong bond between them and the ability for the child to speak openly with his mother. Cancer is not known for being open emotionally, but all three of them proportion this extreme sensitivity and will be able to empathise and understand one another often without the need for words.

What is particularly interesting about this child’s chart is that his Sun sign is at 29 degrees and 59 seconds of Cancer. So had he been born just 20 minutes later, he would have had Sun in Leo. And not only that, he also has the Moon in Capricorn at a late degree of 28 degrees and 17 minutes and his ascendant is also the late degree of 27 degrees and 11 minutes of Scorpio. This is a very old soul with much to accomplish in his lifetime and there will be a sense of urgency for him to complete his mission.

The 29th degree is called the Anaretic Degree or the Karmic Degree by astrologers. If you have planets at 29 degrees, this method that you are very close to mastering an important lesson of the universe. It is only when the lesson of this planet is mastered that you can progress emotionally and spiritually.

With this child, in Cancer, it can indicate the end of a home cycle or some kind of change in the family structure. And it is also sometimes known as the millionaire’s degree! How apt for a royal who is third in line to the throne of England!

Often, people with Sun or another planet in the late degrees of Cancer have inherited character and wealth. Donald Trump, for example, has Venus and Saturn in late Cancer. Or he could be born into a family business which he must continue – however again, astrology hits the nail on the head.

There is a huge Scorpio overtone in the chart and he may not be quite as open as William has been with his Sagittarian ascendant nor Kate with most of her planets on the Western side of the chart. He will have an introspective character.

With no Air in the chart he will not find it easy to do “small talk.” without of Air in a chart can often indicate a genius and a great thinker. Some examples of famous people without Air are: Goethe, Hemingway, Flaubert and Tolstoy. Many famous actors have no Air: E.g., Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Laurence Olivier.

Stelliums, that is three or more planets in the same sign, often run in families. And this is true for all three. Both Kate and William have stelliums in Libra, while the royal child has a stellium in Scorpio. already the chart of their wedding had a stellium of planets in Aries.

This child has an incredibly complicate chart. Not only does he have late degree planets, no Air and a stellium, he also has the Cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and three Cancer planets: Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. This indicates that he will need throughout his life to be very observant and to keep his opinions to himself or he could get himself into serious trouble.

He also has the Grand Trine in Water with Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, giving him immense psychic and creative abilities.

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