Scabies Home cure – Is Boric Acid an Effective cure For Scabies?

Scabies Home cure – Is Boric Acid an Effective cure For Scabies?

Is boric acid an effective scabies home cure? Having infected by scabies can really rule you into a lot of endless frustrations. You can experience a lot of sleepless nights because thats the time when the itch is at its peak. There are times when youll get to a point where youre thinking of getting rid of your pets especially dogs and cats. At one point you might also think about burning down your house!

Its definitely hard and you feel that youre just spinning your wheels all this time. You feel secluded and you dont want to further infect your family so you do your best to stay away from them. At first you dont already know if youve been infected by scabies. During the early stages of the infestation, you wont see any rashes but when it does happen you can easily confuse it with other skin disorders like eczema, seborrhea or chicken pox (especially in kids).

Theres a wide range of different treatments to get rid of scabies but right now were going to discuss if boric acid is already worth considering.

What is boric acid?

Boric acid is known as mother characters insecticide. Its a white powder and a proven solution for getting rid of cockroaches, ants, termites and other bugs. This is the secret ingredient in many of the commercial solutions for insect control. clearly with that being said, anything that can kill roaches and other bugs is not probably good for humans either.

The difference between borax and boric acid

Its been said that borax contains boric acid but keep in mind that theyre not the same thing. Borax is a natural mineral compound that roles as a natural cleaning agent.

So how does borax eradicate scabies mites?

There are two ways. First, borax can poison the scabies when they consume it. Second, it melts the protective wax coating that protects the mites from drying out so that they dry up and die.

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