Shin Splint Stretches Guide to Emergency Treatment For Agonising Shin …

Shin Splint Stretches Guide to Emergency Treatment For Agonising Shin …

Shin splints are agony, you probably know that already which is why you’re reading this. You can’t do any of your normal sports or activities for fear of the onset of that agonising stabbing pain.

No good for your fitness, no good for fun, no good for anything. Shin Splint Stretches form a part of the cure but first there are some meaningful steps to take.

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are a lower leg injury related to muscle and tendon tears, stress and fatigue at the points where they attach to the lower leg bones (Fibula and Tibia) The consequence is pain that can literally stop you walking it’s so bad.

The 2 main causes for this are:


Excessive impact forces from sports and/or weight bearing activities can overload as they can’t absorb shocks anymore.

Exercising on hard surfaces, rough ground, starting exercise to hard after a long lay off, increasing intensity or duration too quickly, exercising in bad shoes and excessive uphill or downhill running can strengthen this.


Basically flat feet leading to overpronation where your foot and ankle roll excessively inward when remarkable ground. This over stretches the muscles.

This can be exacerbated by bad running style, tight muscles, running with excessive forward or backward lean or with toes pointed outwards and landing on the balls of the foot.

So How to Treat and Cure Shin Splints FAST?

Prevention is better than cure but we will assume for this article that you have shin splints already and need a fast pain relief. Look out for my other article on shin splint stretches for prevention.

Shin Splint Treatment Cure Action 1 – Remove the Cause

Sorry but you’ll have to give the running or sports a rest for a bit, no way round that.

Do NOT keep training, this is not an injury you can aim by or away it will only get worse if you do that.

To retrieve ASAP you need to do it right. Then you can get back in slowly and steadily with minimum lost time.

Emergency Fast RICER Treatment

The basic treatment should be like any other muscle kind injury and follow the famed R.I.C.E.R course of action (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral to a specialized)

Ideally start RICER within 48-72 hours of the injury. I realise you may have been experiencing with them for some time, in which case get onto it now.

Taking some Anti inflammatory tablets like IB Propfin or Voltaren is a good idea too.

Rest –

Keep your leg(s) as nevertheless as possible. Slows blood flow and prevents more damage.

Ice –

Crushed ice in a bag, frozen bags of peas etc. This works wonders in reducing swelling. Wrap the ice bags in a damp towel to stoop skin damage. Try to apply for 20 minutes for 48-72 hours (when awake!)

Compression –

Wide, firm elasticated bandages around the area above and below.

Elevation –

Raise the leg above heart level all possible times. Reduces swelling and bleeding.

Referral –

If it is harsh and you can hardly walk hours after the onset of pain then you should get to a pro physio or sports doctor for a specific rehab to further reduce injury time. This is optional if your pain is not too awful after the first 4 steps.

Also, very important – No Heat!

For 24-72 hours avoid any heat such as heat lamps, creams, spas etc. Also avoid no massage of the leg and don’t drink too much alcohol. All these will increase bleeding, swelling and pain of your injury. Some of these (not booze;) will help in shin splint stretching prevention programs but not in the cure phase.

Do this and your shin splints will clear up no problem and we can move on to the next phase which is rehab and prevention involving physio, heat, massage, effective arm up techniques and building muscle strength and flexibility with shin splint stretches and activities.

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