Sidings: Adding allurement and Strength

Sidings: Adding allurement and Strength

Every homeowner dreams to make his home alluring and strong both from within and on the outside. Adding sidings is a great way to enhance a home’s turn up. From the time man built his first home, he has been on a continued quest to enhance its functioning both in terms of aesthetics and utility. Every now and then new materials are introduced in the market with respect to sidings. Each of these has its proportion of benefits. However, with countless options to choose from, selecting one that best suits your home ecosystem becomes an already more difficult task. consequently, understanding the benefits of various sidings is the first step towards making the right choice.

Wood is one material that has been used in the construction of homes from time immemorial. Wood has been used in the manufacture of floors, roof shingles, and of course, sidings. Homeowners have experimented with different types of wood such as oak, ash, pine, maple, and cedar. The method of installing them has also been varied.

Irrespective of the kind of wood used, one factor that proved unfavorable for these sidings is the need for and cost of maintenance. Similar to all wood products, they also need to be painted, stain-proofed, and prepared in some manner to protect it from various environmental factors. All these add to quite an investment over the years, already if you do it as a DIY project.

The drawbacks in wood sidings encourage the introduction of various materials such as asbestos, cement fiber, hardboard composite, fiberglass, etc. While some have survived the test of time, others failed to create an impact. However, over the years, aluminum and vinyl sidings have attained the acceptance of homeowners.

Aluminum sidings were introduced as an inexpensive, easy to install, lower maintenance different for wood. They are obtainable in a whole range of designs and styles to cater to the needs of various home environments. The newer versions are more lasting and alluring and avoid the need for chalking, which was its greatest drawback. However, in spite of of all this it nevertheless has some drawbacks such as, risk of denting and difficulty in trimming.

The latest addition to the list of sidings is vinyl. It is obtainable in a whole range of colors and styles, is easily installable, and is maintenance-free. In fact it has become one of the most popularly used materials today. Irrespective of your home’s age, sidings are capable of adding a new size to its exterior allurement and can make you a proud homeowner.

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