Simple Guide To Solving Problems With Traditional Ceiling Fans

Are you having problems with traditional ceiling fans? Perhaps they have stopped working or they are going too slowly or making a weird noise. Here are some tips on how you may be able to fix the problem:

1) Fans not working:

This can be caused by poor wiring or a loose connection. If you are not experienced with wiring or fitting new appliances ask your local electrician to come and have a look. He will test the appliance using a specific electricity tester and should be able to fix any lose connection or problem with the wring.

2) The fan is wobbling

Traditional ceiling fans build up dust and debris very quickly. Due to their location you may not notice the build up but if the fan starts humming or wobbling, dirt might be the cause. Try giving it a good clean. Switch off the electricity and give each blade a going over with normal kitchen cleaner and some hot water. Don’t use too much water. Always use a surface cleaner that is compatible with the elements of your fan. It is much easier to clean a fan on a regular basis than to wait for the build up of dirt and debris to cause it to wobble. If the ceiling is too high for you to reach the fan you can use an extension brush with a duster attachment but in some situations you may have to take down the fan to clean it properly.

3) Fan is clean but nevertheless wobbling

This can be caused by a warped blade so you will need to examine each one to check they are ok. Warping can be caused by a number of things but usually is as a consequence of a non damp rated fan being used in the kitchen or bathroom. Some traditional ceiling fans are made from materials that warp quicker than others.

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