specialized Client Service – A Dying Art?


Think about your clients for a minute… I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that when you are hired to perform a service, that your clients want to feel like they are being taken care of, being well served, getting the best service for the money that they are paying.

How often do your clients feel that way? Without meaning to, could you be under serving your clients? Is it possible that the service they are receiving could have been provided by just anybody? Or do you know that the service you give is so great that your clients will return to you again and again? I am sure that you have relationships that might fall into both categories. If yours is a company that goes the additional mile to make your clients feel that you use their money as if it were your own, they will likely return to you time and again. You want to be at a point where your clients don’t already question your fees anymore because they know that the service they are going to receive is so good that it cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

On the exact opposite side of the coin, where you do not want your business to be is to have your clients thinking that you don’t care if they give you their business or not. If you potential excellent service, then deliver on that potential. The companies that potential to deliver excellent service, and then send in the novice instead of the specialized cannot and will not earn the complete trust of their clients. With that kind of treatment, why would they come back? They won’t once they find a better choice.

Are your clients considering a move to a new company?

If you examine all of your relationships with those you provide a service for, can you pick out a few who might be staying with you because it feels too tough to switch to someone new? Most chances are, a part of their thought course of action is such that they think that every service provider in that category is probably the same, and so going to someone new will average the same headaches that they currently have now only with someone new.

This is not the kind of relationship you want with your clients.

We all have these scenarios in our lives. You are not happy with your phone company, but the service is not so bad that it is worth the headache to switch to get something that might only be marginally better and possibly not better at all. So you resign yourself to the fact that marginal service is all you are going to get. If you get really honest with yourself, do you think your clients are thinking of you in this way? Are you providing marginal service at best and terrible service at worst?

in spite of of what the situation, your clients deserve the best. They deserve to get the service that you promised them when the relationship began. I can guarantee you that when your client hired you; you did not tell them that you would not return their phone calls in a timely manner. You probably didn’t tell them that you would come to all the meetings but when the work got back to the office that you were not the one working on their project. You most likely didn’t tell them that the person who was doing the important work on their project just started with the company, and did not have the years of skill that are required to perform on a very high level.

Customer service has unfortunately become a thing of the past for a lot of companies. Where is the desire to produce a great product for a reasonable price, and the integrity to back it up? It seems that there are a lot of companies whose employees do not take pride in their work. Will a careful examination of your company show this? Instead of treating the clients as they should be treated, clients are treated as a method to an end, the end being the payment for sets provided.

That is not where it’s at, and thinking in this way will get you exactly what you deserve!

Is getting paid for providing a service a positive thing? Of course it is! But not at the expense of client care. When you are hired to provide a service, your clients expect that you will be taking care of them because that is what you told them you would do. Have you lived up to their expectations? And if not, how long will it be before they make the switch to someone new?

In this economy, there will be companies that barely survive, and companies that thrive. I dare say that the companies that thrive will be those that are willing to go the additional mile, and provide service that will make their clients not only come back time and time again, but bring others with them. The companies that cannot do this are the ones that will fall by the wayside, and become extinct.

What direction is your company heading?

Business is all about relationships. Those companies that forget that will, and deservedly so, go out of business. Their clients will be scooped up and treated as they always deserved to be treated by the companies who remember that clients needs come first.

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