Start Them Young – A Parent’s Guide to Developing Kid’s Brain Ability

Start Them Young – A Parent’s Guide to Developing Kid’s Brain Ability

Developing brain ability is like building muscles: the more you use it, the more it improves. Same goes for memory training.

In this age where information explosion abound, it is very helpful to start memory training young and prepare your kids to confront responsibilities ahead with an enhanced performance. Though life is more frenetic these days, the brain is such a powerful machine it can definitely keep up – the secret is on paying attention.

Teach your kids to focus, not only on the information they need to remember, but to always do responsibilities with some thinking. These prevents them from unnecessary memory loss. Help them develop their brain ability by following this step-by-step guide.

1. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Sometimes, children forget easily because the things they do at a young age are usually routine, which can become classified as mindless responsibilities. Help them lodge routine activity into their brain memory by saying it out loud as they perform them. This also aids in limiting distraction. Applied to introductions, if you can’t repeat it during the conversation, do the repetition as you walk away.

2. Try chunking. Ever noticed how we recite phone number in chunks? Instead of saying 2,3,7,0,4,9,0, we say 23, 70, 490. This is because the brain can course of action so much information at a time, it is certainly no problem to chunk bits together. Teach this strategy to your kids to help them remember more information better.

3. Get meaning. One reason why children, or people in general forget, is that the information they are trying to commit to memory method nothing to them. So help your kids develop brain ability and avoid this trap by giving words meaning. Instead of memorizing a random list, try to find some order and create meaning by mnemonics.

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