Steps For Installing Flexible Air Conditioning Duct

Steps For Installing Flexible Air Conditioning Duct

Flexible air conditionings are used for transferring the air from the duct line to HVAC system. Flex duct is made from aluminum and lines of plastic. The inner inner of this product is surrounded by inner of insulation that is used to protect the obstacle of vapor. You need to install each and every inner carefully and you need to follow the procedure of installation properly. If you don’t follow it then you won’t be able to install them properly. If you want to install it then you need to follow following steps to install your product.

Steps for installing flexible air conditioning duct:

1. Find the distance between the place where you will be placing your flexible duct and the point where you will be connecting it. Use tape to measure the distance. The measures that you get double it and add it to the diameter of your measurement. Then you need to bend your degree up to 90 degree. You need to install your flexible properly.

2. Try to increase the length of your flexible air conditioning duct. You need to make the surface of your flexible smooth. Try to place the stretch tape near the flexible tape. The end of the tape has to be an aligned and try to make the inner of the liner flexible.

3. Try to open the big scissors and try to push the lower blade of the scissor in the flexible duct and try to cut it as per the length of the flexible duct. Ensure that the all the layers of the flexible duct are equal.

4. Try to cut the flexible duct with the help of scissors. Once you have cut the scissors use different types of wires for supporting the inner inner of your flexible air conditioning duct.

5. Try to roll the barriers of the vapor and try to insulate the inner line of the flexible duct from the back of your product. Try to expose 3 inches of the inner line from both the sides of the device.

6. Slide all the liner on both the ends that are found between HVAC system and the register.

7. Place the duct fastening on the each end of the flexible duct. Ensure that the straps are connected with each other and you need to connect with the different point of HVAC system.

8. Tight the plastic strap with the duct fastening. To install it you need to use different tools and the wrap tape to make the plastic duct straps.

9. Once you have installed the flexible then you need to unroll the insulation and you will have to unroll the vapor obstacle. Try to cover the inner liner that you have attached with the flexible air conditioning duct. Once you have completed the installation then you can start using the product.

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