surprise is Teasing An Epic Showdown Of Wolverines

surprise is Teasing An Epic Showdown Of Wolverines

Warning! Contains a preview for X Deaths of Wolverine #3

Thanks to a new preview for X Deaths of Wolverine, surprise is teasing an epic showdown for Logan’s family members. With Logan indisposed due to his current time-travel mission in the connected X Lives of Wolverine series, it’s going to be up to his kids to track and hunt down a rogue cyborg Wolverine who’s emerged on Krakoa and fled to hunt down the nation’s secret founder. As such, it seems as though there will be plenty of popped claws in the near future.

In past issues of X Lives of Wolverine, the real Logan has had his present consciousness sent back in time into the bodies of his younger selves at various points in time (just like in the Days of Future Past film). Charged with protecting the existence of Professor X who’s actively being targeted by Russia and their time-traveling agent Omega Red, Wolverine has his hands pretty complete. As such, he’s unable to go after this dark new Wolverine who’s emerged in X Deaths of Wolverine from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Federico Vicentini, seemingly produced by the cybernetic race known as the Phalanx.


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Now, this new preview for X Deaths of Wolverine #3 sees Professor X recruiting Laura Kinney’s Wolverine to go after this Cyborg Wolverine (seeing as how Logan is busy trying to save his life in the past). While Laura agrees to hunt down the new rogue Wolverine who’s looking to kill Moira MacTaggert, it seems as though she won’t be alone. Her clone sister Gabby has also decided to join her. Combined with the cover art featuring Wolverine’s son Daken/Akihiro alongside them, it seems as though taking down this dark Wolverine will be a family affair. Here are the preview pages and the synopsis for the upcoming issue:

  • WEEK 6 – With WOLVERINE saving the past, who protects the present? WOLVERINES, that’s who! The “Wolverine family” of WOLVERINE (LAURA KINNEY), DAKEN and SCOUT enters the fray as the dark side of Wolverine’s time-traveling mission comes into focus.

While the Cyborg Wolverine was about to come confront to confront with Moira, as was revealed in the past issue of X Deaths, it seems likely that the Wolverine Family will step in to take him down before he succeeds (though the reason why he’s meant to end her life remains unknown). Furthermore, it will be interesting to see if this new issue will show new insights into how it connects to Logan’s time travel mission. It’s very likely that this mysterious Cyborg Wolverine is somehow the consequence of at any rate Logan is doing in the past. Could this Cyborg Wolverine be the real Logan corrupted by the Phalanx?

at any rate this upcoming issue may show, it seems there will be plenty of claws with four Wolverines engaging in what will no doubt be a pretty intense fight. While three against one may seem like overkill, the Cyborg Wolverine has already displayed some new powers and enhancements. As such, it’s anyone’s guess which Wolverine will appear the victor when the complete issue releases on February 23rd.

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