Sweet Slushy Drinks Maker – iOS Game Source Code

Sweet Slushy Drinks Maker - iOS Game Source Code



Top Grossing Slushy Drinks Maker Game is now at Sale, Get complete Source Code and make your own Reskin.
Game has chartboost integrated, Applovin integrated, Playheaven is also integrated. 

Complete reskin guide document is attached, during reskin if you confront any problem, we provide complete sustain. We also provide Reskinning sets at Cheap rates. 


complete Source Code
Complete Reskin Documentation Guide
complete sustain by our Team 

iOS8 Ready!


  • Sweet Slushy drinks maker is top selling Drinks maker game on App store.  

    Game has following fun features. 


    • Make your own ice
    • Delicious Tons of flavors
    • Cool straws
    • Beautiful glasses
    • Tons of Toppings & Decoration
    • Optimized for iOS 8!

    Much more!

    Once you will play, will play again & again, really addicting maker game. 



  • Included complete source ccode
  • complete License 
  • complete Reskin Guide 
  • complete sustain by our team 



  • Works on all iOS versions 



Please review attached documentation, here is a snippet:


“How to Setup and Reskin:

  • 1)In header file Define.h change the chart raise app-id, chart raise app-identifying characteristics, flurry id and unlock all items in app product id with your own keys and value.
  • 2)Replace the assets in project Resources/images folder with same name and resolution.
  • 3)Change the app icon and set afloat images in images.xcassets folder.”

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