Taxonomy: What Are the Different Hierarchy Levels in Biological Taxono…

Biologists classify living things into a hierarchy of categories so they can make sense of all the life on earth and organize it in a meaningful way. Living things are grouped into different domains. The living things in each domain are further broken down into kingdoms. The kingdoms are broken down into phyla. Each phylum is broken down into classes, classes into orders, orders into families, families into genera, and genera into species. Each of these different hierarchy levels is called a taxon. Multiple levels of hierarchies are called taxa.

Each of those category level potentially has a super level and a sub level. Additionally, Species can be further broken down into Variety and copy.

These category levels are an artificial system that humans invented to try to make sense of the world. There’s nothing “natural” about them. So, how can you remember them?

Create a mnemonic for yourself

This is kind of hard, but if you create your own mnemonic, you’re doubtful to forget it. I produced several mnemonics for myself, and not all of them were repeatable. (Of course, those are the ones I’m likely to remember.) Here are a associate of my self produced mnemonics. Remember, we’re strive to learn this order: Domain, Kingdom, Phyla, Class, Order, Family, Genera, Species.

Dogs are Kind and Pure; Cats Offer Furry and Greedy Snuggles.

Deliberate Kindness Provides a Conscious and sometimes Fortune to General Society.

Dorky Kids Prefer Computers Over Fun, Games, and Swimming.

Dogs are King Phyl’s Companions Offering Fuzzy, Gooey, Snuggles.

Use other people’s mnemonics

Domain is a recent addition to the taxa hierarchy. Most mnemonics don’t have the D in front. It’s easy to put Dear in for the King Phillip versions. However, it’s not so easy for some of these other sentences. So, try to remember that Domain was additional later.

Dear King Phillip Cuts Open Five Green Snakes.

Dear King Phillip’s Children Ordered Fries, Gravy, and Shakes.

Dude, Keep Computer On For Great Surfing.

Dear King Phillip Came Over From Germany Swimming.

Dear King Phyl Came Over For Good Spaghetti.

Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach.

Kings Play Chess On Fine Gold Sets

Kids Playing Chicken On Freeways Get Smashed

Keep Pots Clean Or Family Gets Sick

Keep Putting Chemistry Off For Greater Subjects

Kraft Parmesan Cheese On Fingers Gets Sticky

Keep Papers Coming Or Flunk General Science

Kryptonite contributes Casualty Overwhelmingly For Godlike Superman

Ken Poured Coffee On Fran’s Good Shirt.

Kangaroos Pounce Clear Over Fences, Generally Swiftly.

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