Termite Baiting, Why Has Baiting Emerged As the Optimum Treatment for Most Homes?

Termite Baiting, Why Has Baiting Emerged As the Optimum Treatment for Most Homes?

Termites have long been a problem for building owners in Sydney. Traditionally chemical soil termite treatments were used to try to create a obstacle by which termites could not travel, thereby keeping them out of the building. The chemicals that were used to carry out these traditional termite treatments were found to have possible carcinogenic similarities and were removed from the market in most areas of Australia in 1995.

The termite management industry floundered for some time whilst trying to find a good different. One particular pesticide was closest obtainable. Unfortunately the termite control industry as a whole was quite unprepared for the differences in termite treatment necessary to ensure effectiveness of the new pesticides. Many termite treatments failed for quite a few years as technicians resisted the “new” ways and companies battled with how to recoup the increased costs of termite treatment.

New pesticides have become obtainable since around 2001 that are much improved in efficacy and when applied by a technician that understands the correct termite treatment methods can give good long term control. Some of the necessary actions that need be carried out to ensure the efficacy of these chemical controls are, drilling holes by concrete slabs at regular intervals to inject chemical under, Cutting concrete pathways and lifting them to access the soil under for treatment, lifting pavers around the perimeter of the home to access the soil under for treatment, removing hot water cylinders, air conditioning units and any other obstacle e.g. water tanks, from the edge of the building to permit treatment of the soil under.

Generally in the termite management industry, technicians have been trained to higher standards since the new generation pesticides have been obtainable. However many termite management technicians in NSW have inadequate training and qualifications mainly due to the poor management of the industry as a whole by subsequent state governments. The industry association the AEPMA Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association has been lobbying governments for many years with very little positive movement. Consumers must carry out exhaustive research when identifying a termite control company.

Fortunately termite baiting has become obtainable. Termite baiting is a technique that has 100% effectiveness when the time of action is followed by an adequately trained termite control technician.

Some of the benefits of termite baiting.

· 100% Effectiveness

· Very low toxicity

· Reduces the risk of attack to the home over time

· Guaranteed to eliminate the termite colony

· Minimal disturbance or risk to occupants

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