Termite Deterrents – Best Chemicals to Eliminate Termites Include Sentricon and Termidor

Termite Deterrents – Best Chemicals to Eliminate Termites Include Sentricon and Termidor

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t want to have your home devoured out from under you, you’re probably looking for termite deterrents, best chemicals to eliminate termites.

Termites can wreck your home, and it’s a good idea to try and get ahead of them and stop them before they have a chance to get started. Termites do more than a billion dollars of damage to homes in the US each year and you do not want to be one of them.

Since the idea is to prevent termites and not just kill them, there are several chemicals that you are going to want to use. They are each useful for different situations, so I’m going to go over a variety of them so that you will have a chance to figure out which one will be best for you.

Sentricon is one of the more popular chemical systems obtainable today. It uses a baiting system, which method that it’s designed to kill the colony. How it works is that you place bait stations around your home that contain wood that is treated with chemicals that affect the termites.

The termites that eat the bait then take it back to the colony where it begins to affect the young termites, preventing them from reaching maturity. Once the adults die, there’s no generation coming along to replace them, and the colony dies. Sentricon works best for termite problems that haven’t infiltrated your house.

The main competitor with Sentricon is Termidor, which is a chemical used as a obstacle. Basically the ground around and sometimes under your house is saturated with Termidor, which contains a chemical that kills the termites.

Properly done, this creates a obstacle around your home that termites can’t penetrate. Termidor is truly slow acting, so that the termites can take it back to the colony with them, so you get some of the baiting effect.

Termidor works better for prevention than it does for a cure. If you don’t have termites and don’t want to get them, then this is probably the method for you. It can be effective when the colony has already penetrated your home, but it’s mostly designed to keep them away.

Neither of these chemicals are one hundred percent. In the case of Sentricon, there are questions about how effective it is in all situations. For Termidor, the problems can arise if the ground isn’t thoroughly saturated. In either case, proper use is meaningful to getting proper results.

For people of a more old fashioned and natural bent, boric acid is always an option. Despite the name, boric acid won’t burn you if you touch it. You shouldn’t eat or drink it, but otherwise it’s pretty non toxic to humans. To termites and other insects, it shuts their nervous system down and dries them out. Boric acid is very cheap and obtainable almost everywhere, from grocery stores to drug stores.

The best termite deterrents, best chemicals to eliminate termiites are these three, and you can’t go wrong with one of these choices if you want to keep your home healthy and termite free.

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