Tesla and the Mysterious Source of Free Electricity


What if you were told there is a hidden secret that could free you from the dreaded electric bills for life? Imagine your home well powered by free electricity generated by yourself unmetered and independent of the dictates of strength suppliers. Well, check this story out and start spending your hard earned money on things that matter most to you.

In 1901 several venture capitalists began funding a project by Tesla to provide a new method of electricity for resort community in Colorado. These investors believed that the project, if successful, would be a world changing event. One of the investors was John Pierpont Morgan, an American financier, banker, philanthropist and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time.

As the project neared completion and upon learning that the energy generated is free and unmetered, J P Morgan, along with other investors, withdrew funding and sustain. The obvious reason is that no profit can be expected from a free source of energy which could be easy to reach to anyone. More worrying to them is the chilling fact that it may ultimately spell the decline of the electric strength industry to which much of their investments were earning.

After Tesla died, the government came in and confiscated all his files. They deemed Tesla an enemy of the US because of his Austrian heritage already though he became a US citizen in 1891. Hence, his invention was buried and has not seen the light of day until recently.

With the soaring need for green energy and other different source of electricity in this age of environmental protectionism, some scientists have uncovered the secret to Tesla’s free energy source. They have concluded that his project was never a failure. It is claimed that his invention exceeds expectations and is more cost-effective and easier to install and continue than the other so- called green products such as solar panels, wind strength, or turbines which are all expensive and dependent on weather.

What Tesla did was simple. He harvested the sun’s energy to produce free and clean electric energy instead of using the sun’s rays and storing it in panels. The sun is regularly radiating energy already when skies are dark. It is nevertheless shining onto earth somewhere and it is regularly radiating this energy onto earth. People who are currently using this technique claim that it is comparatively easy to set up and does not already require electrician skills. In less than a hundred dollars, they further claim, your home could be free from the burden of electricity bills forever.

Well, this could be a very welcome news for both advocates of clean energy and those struggling to cope up with the ever increasing strength rates being imposed by the big electric companies. A group of scientists have managed to produce an easy step by step guide for setting up the energy source.

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