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Kudos to Saint Paul’s Forestry Department.

Last week I sent an email to them, mentioning that a tree on our block needed attention. An older locust tree had a limb branching out over the street. I could see right by some fractures in the limb, which was about 10 inches in diameter. I was concerned that it might fall on a car or worse, a person. Within 15 minutes, I had an email back from an employee, saying that a truck would come to check it out. Within another 30 minutes, the truck was there and I pointed out the branch. I left for an errand, and not more than two hours after I had reported it, the tree branch had been removed and everything was cleaned up.

That’s great service.

Nancy Heege, St. Paul



Sainted to the group of young kids who entered the Holiday stop with me on Monday. They walked from North St. Paul High School on their break to get snacks. You could have not been more friendly and helpful. Keep up that attitude and you will get far in life.

Also to whoever built the pedestrian bridge over Highway 36, kudos for giving the kids a safe route to downtown North St. Paul.

Teri Rossbach, Maplewood



A huge tug at my heartstrings pushed me to “Saint” the Stillwater football team, especially Jayden Leach-Wirwahn.

Read the Oct. 28 Pioneer Press article titled “Friendship, football and a lot of Heart,  A Stillwater high school senior and a young man with autism bond over their love of the game.” Jayden chose not to ignore Henry Pahl, age 10, holding a football and wearing a helmet on the field after school, instead that moment may have given both a long-term, unexpected friendship. Stillwater’s Coach Labore already invited Henry to walk out on the field for the coin toss at the Eagan/Stillwater game, so Coach Labore gets “Sainted” in addition. Incidentally, Stillwater won over Eagan, 56-14.

Was this impromptu meeting divine intervention? Pun intended for Mary Divine, who wrote this heartwarming article.

Linda Besk Turrentine, Stillwater



The nursing staff on Unit 4500 at Allina Health United Hospital in St. Paul.

Their care of my husband, Jack, was specialized and caring, and they made us feel like he was the only patient on the floor.

These nurses are doing 12-hour shifts, overworked and underpaid but nevertheless managed to provide superior care. Special thanks to Courtney, Betsy, Libby, Jaimie T., Sam and the Rapid Response, Respiratory Therapy team, and chaplains.

Thanks to these idols, my husband’s final passing was serene and peaceful.

Patti Shomion, St. Paul



I would like to thank Mark D. for stopping on Sunday to help me. I had fallen on a stick and hit my head on the sidewalk west of the Hamline bridge. Suddenly, a kind voice asked if I was OK and then stayed to see if my limbs all worked and asked if I wanted a ride home.

Thank you, Mark! You are my hero.

Harriette Jandric, St. Paul



We would like to saint all the health care workers who cared for Gus Briguet while he fought a courageous battle against cancer for 15 months, especially the third floor nurses at Woodwinds Hospital who cared for him as he reached the end of his journey.  We were overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion shown, not only to him, but to our complete family.

Jenelle (Briguet) Painter on behalf of MaryAnn Briguet and the rest of the Gus Briguet family



We went to Panera Bread in Blaine for lunch on Saturday, Oct. 23.  This location is their new store design that uses touchscreen meal ordering. We chosen our menu items and went to pay for our meal. We continued to get an error message that one item was not obtainable already though it was listed on the menu. After several tries, my wife asked for help.

A courteous young gentleman assisted us. It took him several minutes to figure out there was a computer glitch; he finally entered our order manually.  After confirming it was right, we went to pay for the meal. He told us that he was sorry we had the problem and that the meal was no charge to us. We were surprised and told him that was not necessary. He insisted and would not take payment.

Unfortunately, we did not get the name of this person who gave us great customer service. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

Marc Raffe, Mounds View



Tainted be those woeful Minnesota Vikings!

fleeting moments of radiance followed by agonizing hours of mind-numbing mediocrity. Oh for that era of the fun-to-watch Bud Grant teams. And the Jerry Burns offensive craziness, the Statue of Liberties, the halfback option passes, special teams that were really special … Once again we will hear those rumors of our Vikings moving to the Philippines  — where they will be known as the  MANILA FOLDERS.

Sorry ‘bout that.

Bruce Fisher, North St. Paul

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