The Beauty of Bird Baths – Tips for Selecting the Perfect Birdbath

The history of birdbaths remains largely unknown, but it is rumored they were invented in Greece many years ago. in spite of of where they came from, it is fact that bird baths have become an basic structure of backyards all across the world. This is one of the great things about birdbaths: almost anyone can have one. If you have been thinking about purchasing a bird bath, but don’t know where to start, the time of action is truly very easy.

Choosing a Birdbath – What You Need to Know

Unlike feeders, bird baths can bring all types of birds up close and personal. This is because many birds are not seed-eaters, so they are not drawn to bird feeders. All birds however, need a safe haven to clean themselves, drink, and socialize with other birds. This is where your birdbath comes in! Offering fresh, clean water to birds is the number one method you can use to bring them into your yard. Beyond that, here are a few other necessities that will bring birds to your birdbath:

  • Shallow Water. The water can’t be too thorough in a bird bath. In fact, you don’t want it to be any deeper than three inches in the center, and it should be shallower at the edges. Just like people, birds prefer to ease their way into the water!
  • Moving Water. Birds are in awe of gurgles, splashes, and drips. To attract many different types of birds, your birdbath should have some kind of a drip or gurgle to entice them to stay awhile. This isn’t necessary, as it isn’t a safety issue, but if you’re purchasing a new birdbath, consider one that comes with a mechanism to move the water around. You can also run a hose that trickles into the bird bath, or buy a separate fountain designed for birdbaths.
  • Bumpy Bottoms. If your bird bath has a smooth, slippery bottom, birds will be doubtful to hang around. They do not like losing their footing any better than you do! If your birdbath has a slick bottom, just pick up a few nonskid stickers. You can apply them to your bird baths bottom to give your birds a bit more stability.
  • Placement is basic. Your birdbath should be placed in an area of your yard that is away from shrubbery, so cats can’t lie in wait. Also, if you have a identify with branches from a tree hanging down, putting your bird bath there will give your birds a place to jump to. They will love this, and these branches offer a quick-escape route should they need one.

What kind of Bird Bath is Best?

There are several different types of birdbaths on the market today, so you are sure to find at the minimum one that you love. With that in mind, there really is not a ‘better’ kind of bird bath. Think about your likes, your yard, and what appeals to you. Some of the types of birdbaths to consider are:

  • Pedestal Birdbath. A pedestal bird bath is the most shared kind on the market today. They’re also thought of the most traditional of all birdbaths. A pedestal birdbath has the bath raised on a pedestal, and the designs vary from the most modest to the most elaborate. Another plus with pedestal birdbaths is that they are obtainable in all shapes and sizes.
  • Heated Bird Bath. A heated bird bath is one that ensures the water in your birdbath never freezes. If you live in a climate that is mild all year, you probably don’t need to consider purchasing a heated bird bath. however, if you live in a locale that has cold winters, you will be doing your birds a favor by furnishing them with water they can use twelve months of the year.
  • Fountain Bird Bath. As mentioned earlier, birds are drawn to the sound of moving water. Fountain bird baths are especially alluring because of the relaxing sound they enhance your yard with. Also, it is so much fun to watch birds play in the running water. These bird baths can be powered by electricity or by the sun as explained below.
  • Solar Birdbaths. Accomplish the same goal as the fountain bird baths do, except that instead of being powered by electricity, the solar birdbath is powered by the sun. These bird baths are a terrific way to give your birds a fun place to splash and bathe, without using electricity.

Care and Maintenance of Birdbaths

While a bird bath requires regular care and maintenance, it is fairly simple to keep your bird bath in top condition. Depending on the kind of bird bath you own, it might be as simple as washing and refilling the birdbath on a regular basis. Some types of bird baths, i.e. concrete, have the inclination to become mossy, which method slippery surfaces for little bird feet. These will require regular scrubbing to remove the moss. Also, fresh water is basic to birds’ health, so keeping up on it is basic.

In conclusion, birdbaths are an amazing way to bring the natural and breathtaking beauty of birds to your yard. With so many models and types of bird baths obtainable today, there is sure to be one that will match your likes and your yard perfectly.

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