The Best Student Bank Account – Do You Know Which One it Is?

Need Cash? Then you’ll want to know which bank account has the best student overdraft! So what makes a student account different from a normal current account? Put simply, you’ll get better rates on overdrafts. There are only a few edges that offer 0% on overdrafts, so if you are likely to be in the red then you better take these student bank accounts.

It is best to open a student account as soon as possible when you know you are going to be a student. Apply online then get down to your local bank with a UCAS letter. The FREE stuff they give with an account it not worth it! You know that banking advert where the three guys go down the river discussing what free stuff to give to students? Yes? Well forget it! Freebies are to lure in unsuspecting students to the bank in order to keep them for LIFE. They will then earn masses of cash off you by selling you higher rate mortgages and not so good savings accounts.

The student overdraft is where it’s at. A student overdraft method you can borrow more money that you truly have. So the question is which student bank account offers the most money for 0%? The answer is: The Halifax Bank of Scotland and NatWest student accounts.

Two warnings for you!

o Never borrow more money that you have to. You nevertheless have to pay back this money in the end! You don’t want to go spending this money for the hell of it. The best thing to do is put it in the best savings account.

o Don’t go beyond the agreed student overdraft limit without permission. So that method if they bank will only give you a £1000 limit, don’t go over it without asking for more! They’ll charge you and it’s not worth the hassle. Go into the bank and ask for the student overdraft if you are stuck.

And another one… It’s not really worth trying to open more than one bank account. First of all you are going to get in more debt and second, if one of the edges find out they could stop your account.

So what are the top student accounts? Well you can get up to £2,750 interest free every year with the top account which is extremely good if you want to earn some money by putting it into a savings account. You could earn over £130.00 just by putting your overdraft in the savings explain the year. Easy money. If you already have a student bank account you can nevertheless switch! The best student bank account on the market is worth getting. The only one condition is that you have got to pay your student loan into the account so bear that in mind! Keep your finances on track!

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