The Burden of College Education

According to recent statistics, a college degree is nevertheless a thing among the wealthiest. If you have high parents who can provide it, then you can go to college. However, it’s also a shared thing to drop out at any time and for any reason.

For those people that has no wealthy parents to fall back on, a college education in America is synonymous to a big debt and who needs more debt these days? No one wants the burden of having to pay for your education 10 years after you’ve graduated.

In effect, a college degree simply becomes a piece of paper telling you that you’ll probably sink in debt. It’s something you can’t brag about anymore. What could your college degree do when you’re up to your ears in college loans and can’t already land a job to repay it?

It really makes sense when college drop outs set out on their own. Some of them already make it to millionaire position too considering that they don’t have a degree.

So worry not. There are nevertheless jobs that await you already when you don’t have a college degree to speak of. And these aren’t just any jobs. They’re paying so well, some of them inspire the term “millionaire”.

You probably know one person who has made it big somewhere. They’re a new copy of high income earners. They all say the same thing about their jobs. They worked as hard as a college student has studied. The difference is they didn’t need a degree to earn the bucks.

The secret to their success is plain and simple. It’s a combination of diligence and motivation. They worked hard to be on the position they are in. They had a clear goal on what they want to do with their life which most people do not have. Imagine if Bill Gates did not have a goal in life, would there be Microsoft? If Steve Jobs did not work hard enough after having his own company taken away from him, would our favorite Apple computers, iPad or iPhone be a part of our lives?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not. It merely depends on the person if he will be pursuing his dreams or not. Some might say that a degree is not necessarily needed at all time but I beg to differ. Though at some point it will not be necessary, it will nevertheless give you an additional advantage in life.

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