The Characteristics of Printing

The Characteristics of Printing

Nowadays printing becomes an important part of our life. It is used in many fields, such as commercial business and official business. Now that it is important, how many things about it do you know? Now let me tell you the characteristic of it to you. There are eight characteristics of printing.

The first is popularity. Printing product is medium of culture broadcasting. It is a material basis of educational business. What is more, it is a tool of decoration and advertising. For example, many reading materials are printing products. consequently, we can say that everything in our life can not leave printing. It is indispensable in our daily life.

The second is the political. Many printing products make a difference on the promotion of national policy. Under this situation, it becomes a mass media which serves for politics. Organ of strength in every country has to master mass media well so that it can consolidate the state strength.

The third is seriousness. There are many types of printing. Printing involves with many fields, such as politics, culture, military affairs and scientific research. People who are responsible for printing have to be precise. In other words, they can not make any mistakes or the consequence will be serious.

The forth is confidentiality. There are some unpublished reading materials, such as military map and scientific research. People who work for these work units have to keep the secrecy. In addition to these units, money and examination paper are as the same with what I refer from preceding text. The fifth is the industrial. Printing had been an industrial system with paper making printing ink and other related industries. It belongs to the light industry category.

The sixth is the scientific. Printing is built on the basis of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other related courses. With the development of technology, printing develops and transforms continually.

The seventh is technicality. Printing is practicality of science. Production of printing can not gab so printing has to combine theory with technology. For example, the control of ink color and the printing speed should be deal with well. Otherwise, the quality of printing will be not good enough.

The last is artistry. Whether a printing product be a feast for the eyes lies on content and decoration. Exquisite design and beautiful layout attract attention of people. A pretty printing product can be an art work.

According to the characteristic of it, we can learn that printing product is an integrated product. consequently, employees should grasp necessary skills and theory.

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