The Complete Baby Shower Checklist: Baby Shower Invitations, Favors, Games And More

The Complete Baby Shower Checklist: Baby Shower Invitations, Favors, Games And More

Checklists are an excellent way to make sure that everything gets done while keeping stress to a minimum. Checklists can also help you allocate responsibilities to willing helpers, making the job that much easier. The basic elements of hosting a baby shower include creating a guest list, ordering baby shower invitations, party decorations, and favors, organizing two or three games, deciding upon the food and beverages that will be served, and, above all else, ensuring that the mother-to-be will be happy with the results.

Guest List

Before other decisions can be made, the budget, date, and time must be determined, and the guest list produced. Generally, the celebration is held six to eight weeks prior to the estimated birth date. Keep in mind that, as the delivery date nears, activities can become difficult for the expectant mother. It is a good idea to agree upon some sort of ‘secret signal’ between the guest of honor and the hostess that says, ‘I’ve had enough.’

Traditionally, guests were women, the point being to provide the new mother-to-be with knowledge, supplies, and furnishings she would need. Today’s event is more of a celebration and anyone can be invited, men included. Once the number of guests is determined, the fun begins!

Select A Theme And Location

Theme and location are chosen once the guest list and budget are determined. Themes often characterize Mother Goose rhymes, ABC’s, Dr. Seuss, teddy produces, or something more seasonal or rare to the family, such as a favorite sports team. Color schemes are no longer limited to the pinks and blues of before. Now, earth tones or pastels are popular. Online providers of birth announcements and invitations allow you to create one-of-a-kind cards that proportion this joyous news in rare colors, fonts, and styles.

What To Include On Birth Announcements and Invitations

rare baby shower invitations set the tone for the party, making them a crucial part of the planning course of action. They include all the traditional information, such as day, date, time, and location. They also include the name and contact information of the hostess, in case guests have questions, and RSVP instructions. They also incorporate gift registry information and directions to the party venue.

Creating rare birth announcements and invitations allows family photographs of the associate, customized messages, and other special touches to be used that no one else can, all while looking stylish and coordinated. Matching thank you cards can also be ordered – an excellent idea with so many gifts on their way and so little time!

Set The Stage

Depending upon the venue, there are plenty of decorating options to choose from that will correlate with the theme set out in the baby shower invitations. Restaurants and other public buildings will have requirements of their own, making most decorations of the table top variety: diaper cakes, stuffed animals, and balloons are easy and affordable ways of making the party more festive.

If the party will be held in a private home, the decorations can be more lavish and playful: a clothesline strung across the room, decked out with infant clothes and cloth diapers, or streamers that match the color scheme of the baby shower invitations. Tableware can also carry on the color scheme. Ideally, many of the decorations will be able to serve double duty as gifts for the new infant.

Favors And Games

As soon as guests receive baby shower invitations, they will begin wondering what sort of games and activities will be planned. They can be riotously funny team events that challenge one partner to satisfy the other while blindfolded, to see who can diaper a doll the fastest, or infant-related charades. Other activities may include creating a memento of good wishes and parenting advice from guests. There are also fun sit-down activities such as baby bingo, nursery rhyme Jeopardy, and the ever-popular mystery baby food tasting game! Edible favors are always appreciated. Live plants, gift certificates, and bath oils have become more popular than the more traditional trinkets that, more often than not, find themselves tossed out.

Food And Beverages

Depending upon the guest list and the time of day, the menu can be a nice collection of appetizers, sandwiches, a dessert menu, or, if time and money permit, a sit-down meal. Generally speaking, alcohol is not served at a shower. Instead, sparkling juices, punch, or other healthy choices are offered. Finger foods are always an excellent choice for a party, as they allow guests to mingle and participate in activities.

Using the baby shower invitations as a center to the planning course of action results in decorations, activities, and favors that are all tied together. The baby announcements, when that time comes, will reconnect shower guests to the wonderful event they shared with one another in celebration of the new bundle of joy!

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