The Different Types Of Submersible Cables

Powering a pump that is set underwater requires submersible cables to connect from the strength source to the pump itself. There are a few different wiring styles that can be used depending on the situation. The environments that call for wiring such as these include thorough wells, dewatering tanks, pumps submerged in water depths of 500 meters and for areas that supply drinking water.

PVC 3 chief flat and PVC 4 flat styles are used in environments that have pumps that are submerged in thorough well situations. They are comprised of 3 and 4 wires depending on the form. These styles of wiring are designed to be implanted into very hostile areas. Since the areas are so dangerous additional precautions are taken during manufacturing to ensure protection against grease, moisture, abrasion, and oil permitting for a long flex life.

PVC 3 chief round and PVC 4 chief round wires are designed for areas that have a lot of sewage and other acidic qualities. They are obtainable in 3 and 4 wires depending on the connection requirements of the pump unit. This style of cable is often used in dewatering pump applications. The design also provides protection against abrasion, acidic fluids and chemicals.

The rubber 3 chief and Rubber 4 chief flat models are designed for strength supplies connected to submersible pumps down to 500 meters of thoroughness. Constructed with oil and water resistant thermoplastic rubber provides adequate insulation. To protect the chief insulation an additional heavy duty thermoplastic rubber is applied. The additional protection allows for protection against surging water and friction from continued movement due to water fluctuations.

Like the flat version; the rubber 3 chief and rubber 4 chief round models also help prevent cuts and tears produced from abrasions that can occur during time of use. The designs are weather resistant, impact resistant and also resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents. Depending on the pump location the round form could be a better option than the flat form.

The two kinds of AWG that are used be make up of consistently PVC and Rubber materials. The PVC form has the same qualities as others of its kind. The additional similarities for this form are that it has excellent electrical similarities and can is capable of passing up to 600 volts by it. This makes the form ideal for thorough well pumps. The rubber version of this form also can manager 600 volts of electricity. This form is more ideal for use in fresh or saltwater deeply submersed pumps.

The drincable is designed for drinking water supply areas. The form incorporates the same qualities as other models and is made of non toxic material and has the turn up of vulcanized rubber in its design. The insulation that is used water resistant EPDM base rubber and the sheath is constructed of black heavy duty EPDM base rubber providing protection against abrasions.

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