The Evolution of VoIP Desktop Phones

If you asked the average person to name the biggest improvement in telephony technology over the last decade they are sure to tell you all about the increasingly-ubiquitous “smartphone.” And as far as personal telephony technology goes, we have to agree- smartphones are more impressive than anything else to hit the consumer marketplace in a long, long time. No other field of devices has transformed the way individuals utilize telephony technology more than the iPhone, and we would bet no single consumer-oriented telephony invention will match the iPhone’s inventiveness anytime soon.

That being said, the smartphone is not the only powerful, widely adopted, game-changing telephony evolution to pop up in recent years- it is simply the most visible device to infiltrate our day-to-day personal lives. Believe it or not, just as many exciting developments have been cropping up in the world of business telephony.

In fact, right now SIP-based VoIP desktop phones are looking just as drastic as the newest wave of touch-screen pocket wonders.

Where Desktop Phones and Smartphones Converge

Smartphones and modern desktop phones are looking and acting a lot like each other these days:

-Both smartphones and modern desktop handsets are mini computers in concealment. instead of using traditional landlines modern desktop phones use internet connections to make their calls and boast the same impressive processing strength as current generation portable handsets.

-Modern desktop phones are coming standard with complete-color touch screens built into their chassis to provide expanded functionality. These touchscreens permit everything from native apps to crisp video conferencing (made possible by high quality built-in video cameras).

-The introduction of apps and a development ecosystem on smartphones totally revolutionized the way we think about our personal phones, and an enterprise-oriented app ecosystem built into modern desktop phones will create just as drastic a user experience.

With the argue raging over whether or not personal smart phones are appropriate for specialized use we believe there is an already more drastic concept to consider- modern desktop phones offer everything modern smartphones give us and more, making them the obvious choice for businesses looking to take advantage of cutting edge technology while side-stepping the many problems inherent with modern smartphones.

For example, these notable problems include:

-Modern desktop phones never have to worry about the battery life limitations of already the most powerful current generation smartphone. Smartphones are notorious for eating up battery life and the current movement to 4G LTE exacerbates this problem. while past generations of smartphones were impressive if they offered their users a whole day of use without dying, the most recent 4G LTE smartphones require multiple daily charges just for casual use. Desktop phones, plugged directly in as they are, never have to worry about strength problems.

-Desktop phones can take complete advantage of high quality touchscreen technology because they don’t have to meet the same size and portability demands of smartphones. Desktop phones will continue to offer brighter, clearer and larger touchscreens than the iPhone and its competition ever could, leading to improved development environments and superior video conferencing capabilities, made all the better by internal video cameras that are larger and higher quality than modern smartphones offer.

-Desktop phone manufacturers have already designed and released phones with development environments matching modern smartphones. Current generation desktop phones (such as the Grandstream GXV 3175) offer multi-language sustain, a complete web browser, weather reports, a stock ticker, a money calculator, a world clock, a calendar and virtual BLF keys, while others (like the Panasonic KX-UT670) are able to tap into the Android App ecosystem for moment access to thousands of powerful, highly functional, enterprise-oriented apps.

Modern desktop handsets offer all the functionality of modern smartphones without the many highly-publicized downsides inherent within smartphones. It seems the argue over the value of smartphones in the workplace has already been answered.

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