The Pros and Cons of Using a Cat Genie

A cat genie is definitely a great help for cat lovers. It’s a self cleaning litter box that can clean on its own just like an appliance, flushing your pet’s waste like a toilet. There are indeed quite a number of advantages this cat genie can offer, but you should also expect a fair proportion of issues. In this review, let’s take a look at the most shared problems encountered by users.


1) The package comes with an easy one time DIY setup to the water supply and electric outlet.

2) You can configure it to work in 3 different ways:

a) Automatic 4x a day cleaning cycle

b) Manual activation using the Start button

c) Cat activation

3) Cat Genie uses water and a veterinarian-approved sanitizer to clean itself.

4) It dries up after cleaning because it has a built in dryer.

5) 100% litter-free; it uses washable litter-like granules. It is definitely eco-friendly.


1) You might find it hard to make your cats use it. They may nevertheless want to use their old litter box since it’s where they’ve been used to.

2) Granules may easily be distributed around the house. The washable granules are too light that when your cats gets off the shallow bowl, they can be distributed all over the floor.

3) It operates loudly and needs almost half an hour to finish a cleaning operation.

4) It’s quite expensive.

5) nevertheless requires some manual cleaning, especially when your kitty’s poop is too soft. It may not be able to scoop it, consequently leaving it with the granules to dry. That’ll sure give out an bothersome smell.

It may have a very great concept and would really save you from the hassle of cleaning your pet’s ‘toilet’ but it nevertheless needs some manual intervention to keep it working fine. However, the issues cited in review are most likely addressed in the soon-to-be-released versions of the product.

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