The Simplest Way to Unhide a Hidden Partition

The Simplest Way to Unhide a Hidden Partition

After my first article on the hidden partition I realized that the solution that I brought was rather difficult for the newbies, I consequently sought and tried out various solutions and programs until I find this terrible little software, I named PARTEDIT32.

This small freeware software will allow you to make visible your partition in some clicks of mouse and on the fly under Windows XP.

Just unzip and set afloat Partedit32 the user interface opens, simple but effective if you have more than one hard disk, choose the hard disk where your hidden partition is in the Hard Disk menu, then look in your partitions table at the column kind, Partedit32 has a list of the various types of partition, you can reach it by clicking the button SET kind.

In this example with a Acer laptop the name of the partition is pqservice and its kind is 12, changes it by kind 07, and save.

Now you just have to restart your computer, go into into “my computer” you have done it, now you can see the hidden partition pqservice. If you do not see the hidden partition repeat the operation but disable before the D2D recovery software into the bios menu. To open the bios hit the F2 meaningful during the boot (observe this is for Phoenix Bios check your user manual for other bios). Go to the main menu set the D2D recovery to disable, save the change restart and you have done it.

The PARTEDIT32 software is obtainable for download at laptop sustain after a free registration.

After that you just have to reverse the operation to hide the pqservice partition. observe that if you want to obtain documents or software you can create a partition, save your goods into and hide this partition by using partedit32.

Victor Pradel.

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