Top 10 NBA Gifts – Basketball For All

It’s always a challenge to think up rare gifts for sports fans. If it’s a person’s passion, they must already have most of the items that are freely obtainable. What then can you give them that they probably don’t have in addition and will definitely like? Here are some ideas:

  1. Sports Themed Sandals. Women are the hardest to buy sports stuff for because most basketball-themed products look thoroughly masculine. Few products are obtainable for women. Sports-themed sandals fill that niche. They’re definitely feminine in addition sporty and certainly useful.
  2. Sports Fan Dog Bowls. Another gender-neutral gift. That basketball fan’s canine buddy is sure to be as much of a sports fan. This bowl with alternating paw prints and NBA team logos will be fun for both dog and master NBA buffs.
  3. Padded Stadium Seats. If your sports fan loves to attend live games, these padded stadium seats are sure to come in handy. Games definitely last for over an hour – who wouldn’t want to enjoy that padded comfort?
  4. NBA Cufflinks. The New York Nicks, the Phoenix Suns – nearly every team is freely obtainable in cufflinks design. If you can’t find one you like, you can also get one custom-made. For guys who are climbing up the corporate ladder, these rare cufflinks helps add a conversation piece to an otherwise bland corporate fact scene.
  5. NBA Monopoly Set. Kids and adults alike are sure to appreciate this really rare twist to an old board game. What basketball fan wouldn’t grab a chance to control a whole team, already if it is just in a board game.
  6. NBA Memorabilia. A ball that’s signed by his favorite player or a shit that’s signed by his favorite team – if you don’t mind spending a bit more, these are really special gifts that any sports fan would be thrilled to own.
  7. Special Game Tickets or Season Passes. Just keep this in mind: you can’t jusyt give one. Buy at the minimum two tickets because it’s certainly no fun watching a game alone.
  8. NBA Bean Bags. Customize brightly colored bean bags with the team’s logo or a picture of his favorite NBA star. This gift would be ideal for either men or women who have their own apartments in addition as kids who have just received their own room.
  9. Customized Jerseys or Team Jackets. Make him feel as if he’s part of the team he so admires by getting him official team use with his name and number printed on it. It will surely find its place at the top of his clothes pile; above any other generic shirts he’s ever been given!
  10. Sports Magazine Subscription. Save him some money by buying him a subscription for the rest of the year. This is a great gift for workmates or acquaintances – not too intimate but sure to please the recipient in addition.

It’s always tricky to make sure you’ve chosen the right gift for a person that’s important to you but don’t stress too much! It’s a gift so it should be well-received no matter what you chose to give.

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