Top 5 Free DOT NET Application Development Free EBooks for Aspiring De…

Top 5 Free DOT NET Application Development Free EBooks for Aspiring De…

.NET is the best platform for building high-end applications, and there are a number of ways in which programmers can use .NET to create reliable and reusable applications. This article discusses seven best books that help developers to master various features of .NET application development.

Microsofts new technology, .NET is rapidly becoming one of the most popular technologies that are used to develop and build web applications and solutions. C#, SQL server database, VB .NET and ASP .NET are combined to create the .NET language. This language is extremely useful for creating web based Ecommerce application as the integration of different development languages makes it easier to develop dynamic web applications and websites.

consequently, .NET application development is very popular, and there it is comparatively easier for .NET developers to find fruitful employment. If you wish to gain expert over .NET application development and gain expert over the .NET platform, you can download excellent eBooks from the internet and start honing your skills. The ones listed below are, in my opinion, the best books dealing with .NET application development that you can download for free.

Learning C# 3.0: If you are totally unacquainted with c#, this is the right book for you. The latest version of the book starts with fundamentals; you can follow the initial chapter already if you possess just a nodding acquaintance with programming. The following chapters delve thorough into programming and provide detailed (but entertaining and interactive) insights on generics, lambda expressions, delegates, interfaces, LINQ and interfaces.

Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 Kick Start: Written by Steve Holnzer, this is the best book for developers who are good at other languages and want to gain expert over the .NET framework. The book offers a quick revision of the basic concepts of programming and shifts its focus to functional C# .NET programming. The book also offers specialized insights, tips, tricks and examples of complete codes.

Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform: Written by Andrew Troelsen, this is one of the definitive books on .NET framework, and it targets progressive learners or experienced professionals. This book will help you to gain a proper understanding of c# 2008 programming language, and it will help you to clearly understand the chief features of the .NET platform. If you want to build a substantial foundation, this is the best book. Once you digest the information presented in this book, you will have all the skills you need to develop your own .NET application.

C# .NET Web Developers Guide: This book geared towards developers already involved in building web based applications, and its aim is to help you indulge in error-free programming and increase productivity. It demonstrates different methods that will help developers to build application using the .NET framework using c# elements. The book also shows how to make the increase application compatibility across web platforms.

Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C#: This book is for progressive .NET developers. The easy-to-understand sets of standards and codes given in this book will make .NET application development a lot easier; the book is easily navigable and you can jump straight to the topic that interests you without losing out on important information. You can use the book as a reference book, and you can also use it as an aid to your development course of action.

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